What's the difference between Starshipit and NZ Post eShip?

What's the difference between Starshipit and NZ Post eShip?


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For New Zealand online retailers that want to streamline their dispatch processes, there are two popular platforms that come to mind: Starshipit and eShip.

Starshipit and eShip are both fulfilment automation platforms that integrate with a range of online platforms. Starshipit works with thousands of online retailers all over the world.

NZ Post's eShip service is used by their customers sending parcels domestically and across the globe. eShip launched in 2014 as part of NZ Post’s eCommerce strategy. NZ Post recognised that Starshipit was the order fulfilment market leader and consequently partnered with Starshipit as their technology provider. NZ Post's customers across it's NZ Post Domestic, NZ Post Express and NZ Post International brands use eShip for their automated fulfilment delivery needs…

So, what’s the difference? 🤔

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Courier integrations

The key difference between eShip and Starshipit is the range of courier providers you can use. eShip is exclusively for NZ Post's customers using their Domestic, Express, and International services, which means you have available all of the NZ post services: NZ Post International, NZ Post Domestic and NZ Post Express.

If you use Starshipit, you can integrate with a much bigger range of couriers. Starshipit currently integrates with more than 25 leading domestic and international courier providers, and is always adding more.

Starshipit also has a Plain Label feature which lets you set up to five other couriers that it doesn’t integrate with. This is really handy if you use local courier companies that don’t have an API to connect to Starshipit with.

Some of the many couriers Starshipit supports

NZ Post
New Zealand Couriers
 DHL eCommerce
Team Global Express
DHL Express
Post Haste
Use Starshipit to offer live rates for your customers

Live rates at checkout

Starshipit customers can feature live rates at checkout, which is great if you have multiple shipping methods and want to give your customers choice and transparency around delivery speed and cost.

The API between Starshipit and your courier company retrieves the contract shipping rates you have negotiated with your courier company and displays them at checkout for your customers. This means customers see an accurate shipping cost depending on the shipping method they’ve chosen.

Live rates at checkout are currently available for retailers that are hosted on Shopify, Magento and Magento 2, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and PrestaShop (DHL Express only). This feature is currently not available on eShip so if your online store is hosted on any of these platforms and you want to display live rates at checkout, you will need to switch to Starshipit.

Shopify integration

If you use Shopify, another key difference between eShip and Starshipit is how it integrates with your Shopify website. Both integrate with the platform and pass your orders through, but only Starshipit lets you manage your fulfilment from within the Shopify dashboard.

This means that you can print and dispatch orders with Starshipit from within the Shopify interface. This feature is not currently available in eShip.


Starshipit’s pricing plans start from $40/month, including unlimited multi-user accounts, branded tracking, returns, onboarding and ongoing support. To enable rates at checkout and multi-location accounts, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

Starshipit’s plans grow with your business. Choose the one that works for your store’s age and stage, then graduate to the next when you need to. There are no hidden costs or add-ons, and each plan includes the number of shipping labels that suits your company’s volume.

NZ Post offers eShip free of charge to its customers.

Why you might want to make the switch

eShip is an excellent product that’s free for merchants who exclusively use NZ Post services. If you need to work with other couriers, then Starshipit could be for you.

If you decide to make the switch, the good news is that you won’t have to learn how to use a new program. In fact, when you log into your new Starshipit account, what you see will look exactly the same as what you saw using eShip, except now you’ll have access to more features.

If you currently use eShip but would like to integrate with more couriers and unlock more features, simply contact Starshipit’s support team for help.

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