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Effective shipping processes make for happy customers, ensuring your reviews are all about how great your product is and not your poor shipping.

It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way we shop. Groceries, fast food, beauty, appliances…If you can think it, you can almost certainly buy it online and have it delivered – without even getting out of bed.

But just because it’s convenient, doesn’t mean that consumers are always happy with their online shopping experience.

A good reputation is good for business

In September 2018, Qualtrics Retail Pain Index did a survey comparing digital versus in-store factors that would cause US shoppers to shop somewhere else. For digital shoppers, the most common reason to make the switch was because their order never arrived, at a massive 55%. Coming in at joint second were ‘fake reviews’ and ‘the item received doesn’t look like the photo online’. Other pain points included shipping that takes longer than advertised, and having to pay extra to have their purchase delivered.

Reputation is key in any kind of business, but perhaps more so for an online company that’s, for the most part, faceless. Whether you’re a pure e-commerce business, a brick-and-mortar company that also offers online options, or a company that has just joined the online retail world, watertight shipping processes are essential for the sake of your reputation. Starshipit simplifies and automates the process of fulfilling on and offline orders, saving time and reducing human error and letting your business sell and send products your way. The secret? Automation.

Automate your shipping and fulfilment processes

Every online company does business differently. Starshipit navigates this digital minefield by automating every step of the process. Our app integrates with the world’s best e-commerce and SaaS platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, accounting software like Xero and MYOB, inventory management platforms like Cin7, and all your preferred domestic and international courier providers. The automation we provide lets warehouses pick, pack and dispatch orders faster, reducing both handling time and delivery time. Once orders have been dispatched, we send text and email notifications to your customers to help them follow the journey of their purchase, wherever in the world it’s coming from.

Starshipit: Fulfilment and shipping platform

Manage all your orders in one handy place

Managing orders, stock levels and fulfilment can be problematic, especially if you’re doing it manually. Starshipit automatically imports all domestic and international orders – whether they’re off or online – into one Cloud-accessible spot, then allocates each order to your preferred courier. Whether you’re completing orders from your living room or warehouse, you can see all your stock levels and orders at a glance, and track your fulfilment statuses.

Save your time, money … and sanity

Forget endless hours of hand-writing labels and tickets. Starshipit gives you the power to batch-print labels, packing slips and invoices with a simple click of a button so you can spend more time doing your actual job. Our app auto-corrects incorrect addresses, auto-generates customs documents that meet each country’s shipping protocols, splits orders, manages drop shipping direct from your wholesalers, and even organises products to be shipped from stores that are close to your customer’s address, saving on shipping costs and speeding up delivery times.

Give your customers power

One of the best ways to keep customers onside is to give them options – and make it simple. Starshipit lets customers choose how they’d like their orders delivered. They can even choose to pick them up instead, saving everyone time and money in the process. If for whatever reason they’re not happy with their order, they can access our optional self-service return label generator to return their products to sender. If you’re keen to kick the statistics to the curb and improve your online service and reputation, a switch to Starshipit is the answer. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can grow your business together, or sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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