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Learn how Showpo are using Starshipit to scale shipping operations


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Showpo is Australia's biggest and fastest-growing fashion eCommerce platform, with customers snapping up their cute playsuits, trendy party dresses, and chic home decor in ever-increasing numbers.

We talked to Danny Efendi, Manager of Logistics & Fulfilment at Showpo about growth and shipping with Starshipit.

How did it all begin?

How did it all get started, and what was the inspiration behind starting Showpo?

The company was started by Jane Lu nine years ago from her parent's garage.

"We've gone from two shelves in a garage to having 4,700 square metre Distribution Centre in Chullora and an LA hub as well. When Showpo first started we were one of the first companies to utilise social media and market our products organically. As Showpo's grown we've gotten better at doing this, and we're not scared of trying new things if the outcome is better for our customers. We're always looking at ways to make our customer experience better."

What were some of the failures or key challenges you encountered on your journey?

“We went from a garage to a small warehouse to a 3PL to a much larger warehouse. Our fulfilment has never been stronger. The challenge has been the growth."

What is your main role or daily responsibilities?

“I manage Logistics and Fulfilment for Showpo."

Who else is involved?

Showpo has over 120 employees across its Sydney headquarters and Distribution Centre, and a number of contractors that support the team.

Showpo and Starshipit

What was the business problem that caused you to look for a shipping solution such as Starshipit?

“We have a wide range of shipping options from standard, express to same-day delivery in Australia. We also export to over 80 countries worldwide. Starshipit was the perfect solution - with very simple integration to our carriers, and minimal setup required."

What was life like before Starshipit?

“One big issue we face was that of unmanifested orders from our last mile partners. This often resulted in hefty penalties by our carrier. Starshipit makes the manifesting process simple and we have never encountered an unmanifested issue since go live with Starshipit."
"Starshipit has a robust and direct API integration with all our carriers and a webhook that allows us to validate addresses on our front. This means that we never encounter unmanifested parcels and this has become a big cost saving for the business."
Showpo are using Starshipit to scale shipping operations

What benefits have you experienced since implementing Starshipit?

“Starshipit allows the Showpo Customer Happiness Team to provide our customers with updated and reliable tracking on the spot. It’s extremely clear and user-friendly and gives us heaps of flexibility. This means we can update and print customer's labels quickly, whilst also providing them with accurate tracking information."

What were the key factors you considered when selecting your shipping solution? And what made you decide to go with Starshipit?

"Starshipit can be seen as a premium software solution without the premium price tag."

How likely are you to recommend Starshipit to others?

“Very likely."

Future plans

Where would you like to see the company in the next year?

“We're are looking at becoming the first online retailer to offer same-day delivery Monday to Saturday to all Australian metro including Perth. We're almost there as we currently offer this service to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.”

What advice or tips would you give to other entrepreneurs who would love to follow in your footsteps and start an online business?

“Our company values are 'Think Big: Get Sh*t Done: and Have Fun', and I think they pretty much sum that question up.

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