Fulfilment automation

Save minutes and money on every order

Shipping automation is the most effective way to deliver great shipping experiences. Use powerful fulfilment automation software to reduce handling time, create packing slips, shipping manifests and customs documentation. Get more orders out, faster.

Important factors when considering your fulfilment system
Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

Generate shipping labels with ease

With just one click, generate shipping labels that you can print directly to your thermal printer or download as a PDF. Print them all at once – or one at a time. Use a barcode scanner? Just scan your packing slip to automatically print a label.

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Generate packing slips, manifests & customs documentation

Generate packing slips, manifests & customs documentation

Save hours every week by automatically generating packing slips, shipping labels and manifests. Ship internationally? Automatically generate and submit customs documentation without lifting a finger, saving you from manual labels and documents.

Display accurate rates at checkout with Starshipit

Support multiple couriers

Use your own negotiated rates and rules to automatically allocate orders to couriers you select. Immediately assign parcels to couriers when orders come in, and use our plain label feature to generate labels for ad-hoc orders and pre-paid satchels.

Connect your platforms and couriers

Integrate with the platforms and couriers you already use

Plug in and start shipping immediately with integrations for eCommerce, IMS, WMS online marketplaces and accounting software – plus the world's leading domestic and international couriers.

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Starshipit dashboard with courier costs

Save on shipping costs with live rate comparisons

Set automation rules to go with the cheapest option every-time or compare live shipping rates across your couriers right from the Starshipit dashboard.

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Starshipit's write-back feature let's you automatically update the order status and tracking number in the source platform.

Automatically import orders & update tracking

Import orders from multiple channels, automatically or whenever you choose, or manually create orders. Starshipit's write-back feature let's you automatically update the order status and tracking number in the source platform.

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Reduce human error and simplify support through address validation

Autocorrect invalid addresses

Correct invalid addresses in just one click, so customers will always get their orders, even if they enter their address details incorrectly.

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Use Starshipit smart rules to automate the dispatch process

Use smart rules to automate the dispatch process

Use the powerful rules engine to reduce clicks in your warehouse, split orders, assign couriers, set delivery options and more. Manage orders based on parameters like customer location, weight, size, delivery expectation or SKU.

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Ship from store

Ship from store

Reduce transportation costs and lead times with ship from store fulfilment. Use Starshipit's automation to fulfil orders from your eCommerce channels with inventory held in your physical stores.

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Look up addresses & auto-populate fields

Look up addresses & auto-populate fields

Save time, eliminate address input errors and reduce the number of non-delivered parcels with automatic address look-up and population.

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Support order-splitting and multi-location shipping

Support order-splitting and multi-location shipping

Manage your operations in one convenient hub to support the most efficient method of distribution. Easily operate out of multiple warehouses and stores, split orders into multiple shipments from different warehouses – and more.

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Automatically assign packages

Starshipit can automatically select the most efficient packaging for your orders. This feature intelligently matches items' dimensions with your configured packages, selecting the best fit. Reduce material waste and your shipping costs!

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Discover our most popular shipping & fulfilment features

  • Branded tracking and notifications

    Branded tracking and notifications

    Create branded tracking pages and notifications keeping customers informed at every stage of the shipping process.

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  • Choice at checkout

    Choice at checkout

    Choose your couriers, negotiate your rates and give your customers delivery options and transit times at checkout.

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  • Branded returns

    Branded returns

    Offer a smooth return process. Empower customers to generate their own shipping labels and initiate a return.

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