Speed up pick & pack processes with order fulfilment software

Learn how you can use Starshipit to efficiently manage your pick and pack process. Avoid sending out incorrect orders, reduce customer service queries and cut down returns.

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Over 30k customers use Starshipit for their order fulfillment strategy

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Starshipit integrates seamlessly with the online platforms and couriers you already use.

What is the pick and pack fulfillment process?

Pick and pack fulfillment is what happens in your warehouse after a customer places an online order. Typically, it involves picking the correct items from the warehouse and packing them for shipping.

Starshipit's order fulfillment system is designed to make pick and pack a breeze, from start to finish.

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Improve your pick and pack process in 3 steps

Starshipit: Fulfilment and shipping platform

Step 1

Picking your items with Starshipit

Get the first stage in the fulfillment process right: picking. You can use Starshipit to generate accurate picking slips, ensuring you collect the right items for packing.

  • Print out your picking slip.
  • Collect your items from the warehouse.
  • Select the package you'd like to send your items in.
  • Scan your picking slip to open your order.
Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

Step 2

Packing with Starshipit's scan and pack system

It's time to upgrade your eCommerce order fulfillment. With Starshipit, ensure you send the right products out to customers, every time. Your customers will thank you!

  • Open Packing Validation in Starshipit.
  • Quickly scan product barcode numbers (or enter numbers manually) to check which products belong in an order.
  • We'll mark products meant to be in the order as 'packed' and flag items that aren't meant to be there.
  • Complete your packing!
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Step 3

Finalise your order

With your picking and packing complete, it's time to finalise your order. Select your package, confirm your carriers and print out your shipping label.

  • Scan to select your chosen package.
  • Confirm carrier selection + Delivery options.
  • Generate and print your shipping label.

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Top tip

Automatically assign packages

Starshipit can automatically select the most efficient packaging for your orders. This feature intelligently matches items' dimensions with your configured packages, selecting the best fit. Reduce material waste and your shipping costs!

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Learn how packing validation works in Starshipit


More reasons love to Starshipit for order management

  • Inventory management with barcode scanning

    Inventory management with barcode scanning

    Use Starshipit's Product Catalogue to set up your product barcodes. Then, you'll have them all in one place for product validation.

  • Scan products and reduce errors

    Scan products and reduce errors

    Use barcode scanning with Starshipit to avoid fulfillment errors and make sure you send out the correct orders to customers.

  • Automate your entire fulfillment process

    Automate your entire fulfillment process

    Starshipit features industry-leading automation features to help you reduce your handling time on every order.

Starshipit integrates with all major carriers and platforms

 DHL eCommerce
FedEx shipping
Australia Post
NZ Post
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Starshipit picking and packing FAQs

I already have a warehouse scanning system. Why do I need Starshipit?

A scanning system for warehouses is perfect for managing inventory and tracking the movement of products. Starshipit augments these systems, helping you to pick and pack the right items. In fact, Starshipit can help manage the entire process of shipping orders to customers – right up until they receive their products.

Which product scanners or barcode scanners does Starshipit support

Starshipit supports a variety of scanners, but a set number of barcode formats (depending on scanner model).

Is Starshipit barcode scanning software?

Starshipit is a fulfilment automation platform featuring integrations with all major eCommerce platforms and couriers. You can automate the entire fulfilment process, cutting down handling time and human error and improving the customer experience.

As part of this suite of features, you can also use barcode scanners throughout the pick and pack process. Need to scan a barcode to find a product? No problem.

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