Use your own fleet with Starshipit

Learn how you can use your own fleet and drivers alongside your third-party carriers, right from the Starshipit dashboard.

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Over 20k retailers trust Starshipit with their shipping

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Use your own fleet with Starshipit

How Starshipit supports using your own fleet alongside other carrier options

Whether you’re using your own vehicles or a contract fleet, Starshipit makes it easy to pick the right delivery option for each order.

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Compare and choose between carriers – and your own fleet – from one dashboard

Set up your own fleet delivery services alongside your third-party carriers. Then, create automation rules to assign orders to different carriers based on what works for your business.

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An easy way to manage the delivery journey

Thanks to our integration with Orca Scan, your own fleet delivery drivers can update the tracking status of your orders to ensure you – and your customers – are kept in the loop.

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Set up and customise your shipping labels

You’ve got full control over your own fleet shipping labels. Add and remove fields, add a barcode and more.

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Keep customers in the loop with post-purchase notifications

Send out branded shipping notifications (via SMS and email) for orders with your own fleet delivery drivers.

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Compare rates between your contracted fleet and third party carriers

Load shipping rate cards for your plain labels so you can compare the price of those shipping options versus those from your third party carriers.

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Manage your own fleet alongside other major carriers

DHL Express
Australia Post
FedEx shipping
NZ Post
Team Global Express
Direct Freight
Sendle shipping
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A powerful toolbox to manage your own fleet

Starshipit is designed to help you use your own fleet alongside your other carriers, like Australia Post and Sendle. It’s all thanks to our plain labels feature and native integration with Orca Scan.

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Plain labels: The flexible solution for managing your own drivers

Plain labels enable you to set up your own fleets and contracted drivers directly within Starshipit, and then manage them alongside your other carriers.

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Orca Scan: The barcode-scanning solution for your delivery drivers

Use our integration with Orca Scan to scan the barcodes on shipping labels using a smartphone. Then, Orca Scan will send the tracking update to Starshipit.

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Starshipit own fleet – FAQs

Seller own fleet meaning

Seller own fleet refers to a situation where a seller, typically a business or a company, owns and operates its own set of vehicles for the purpose of delivering goods or services directly to customers. This can include a wide range of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, or even ships and aircraft, depending on the nature of the goods being transported and the geographical reach of the deliveries.

What are the benefits of a seller own fleet?

Owning a fleet allows a seller to have more control over the delivery process, including the ability to customise delivery schedules, maintain a consistent level of service quality, and potentially reduce costs associated with outsourcing delivery to third-party logistics providers. This can be especially advantageous for businesses that rely heavily on timely and reliable delivery as a part of their value proposition to customers.

Custom fleet meaning

Custom fleet refers to a set of vehicles that has been tailored or specifically equipped to meet the unique operational needs or preferences of a business, organisation, or individual.

This customisation can involve modifications for enhanced performance, specialised equipment for particular types of cargo, branding or aesthetic changes, and adaptations for improved efficiency or to comply with specific regulations. Custom fleets are designed to optimise transportation and logistical operations, ensuring that vehicles are perfectly suited to the tasks they are intended for.

Own fleet meaning

Own fleet refers to the scenario where a company or organisation has its own set of vehicles for transportation or logistic purposes, rather than relying on leased, rented, or third-party logistic services.

This approach allows the entity to have direct control over its transportation resources, including maintenance, scheduling, and routing, potentially offering greater flexibility and cost savings in the long term. An own fleet can encompass a wide range of vehicle types, tailored to the specific needs of the business, such as delivery vans, trucks, cars, or even specialised vehicles.

Can I start my own fleet as a retail business?

Yes, you can start your own fleet as a retail business. Doing so can offer several advantages, such as enhanced control over delivery schedules, the ability to offer personalised shipping options, and potentially reduced shipping costs in the long run.