Utilise retail space and ship from your stores

Grow faster with a 'ship from store' strategy powered by Starshipit’s award-winning technology. In-store fulfilment can keep your freight costs down, improve inventory turnover and increase your delivery speed.

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Got a store? Ship from it

Our solutions are designed to be used by retailers of all sizes. Whether you’ve got one local store or 20 stores worldwide, you can use Starshipit to start your omnichannel shipping journey.

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What is 'ship from store'?

Ship from store is a shipping model where retailers use inventory held in physical stores to fulfil orders from their eCommerce channels (like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more).

Basically, when a customer places an order through an online store, that order is sent to the store that’s closest to the customer and fulfilled there instead of a central warehouse. This means less lead time and – potentially – lower transportation costs.

Why ship from your store?

  • Reduce freight costs

    Reduce freight costs

    Ship from store is a great way to combat freight costs if you have a network of stores, but don’t have multiple fulfilment centres

  • Improve inventory turnover

    Improve inventory turnover

    Fulfilling online orders using retail stock means higher inventory turnover (less ageing stock).

  • Increase delivery speed

    Increase delivery speed

    Ship from store is a great way to improve your delivery speed and achieve faster delivery timeframes (like same-day delivery).

  • Sustainability with shorter distances

    Sustainability with shorter distances

    If you have a store network, chances are the delivery distances will be much lower when you’re able to fulfil orders with local stock.

  • Reduce cart abandonment

    Reduce cart abandonment

    Free (and faster) shipping can have a big impact on reducing cart abandonment. Using the ship from store model can help you meet these timeframes.

  • Reduce the impact of warehouse issues

    Reduce the impact of warehouse issues

    With your retail stores able to service online orders, any problems with your main warehouse become far less of a concern.

Starshipit Integrations

Integrate with all major platforms

Shopify, Magento2, PeopleVox, Stockinstore and more – import your orders automatically and use smart logic to automatically assign those orders to the right stores.

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Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Access leading on-demand carrier solutions

Give your customers the delivery options they want. Starshipit features ready-to-go integrations with all leading on-demand carriers, including Uber, Rendr, Sherpa, Australia Post and more.

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Shipping analytics software which lets you generate detailed reports

Manage your store network from one dashboard

No more manual checks! Use our shipping summary dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of orders across your store network.

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Starshipit dashboard, branded returns and courier integrations

Access omnichannel shipping solutions to grow your business

Starshipit simplifies omnichannel shipping. Integrate sales channels, automate orders and save on shipping rates. Improve customer communication and gain insights to create a unified shipping experience.

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Ship from store eBook

Ship from store eBook: Get your free copy

No shipping model is perfect. While ship from store offers several benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider. Download our eBook, 'Getting started with ship from store' to learn more about some of the limitations, before utilising this innovative strategy.

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