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From printing shipping labels to autocorrecting invalid addresses, Starshipit’s shipping platform packs in a lot of features to help you ship smarter and grow your business. Here’s a list of everything we offer.

Starshipit laptop with integrations
Starshipit dashboard, branded returns and courier integrations

Starshipit: The shipping platform trusted by retailers around the globe

Get the advanced shipping platform trusted by over 20,000 retailers internationally. From one dashboard, integrate with leading couriers and eCommerce platforms, print shipping labels, easily manage returns and give your customers the shipping options they want.

Branded tracking and notifications

When customers are left in the dark about their orders, help desk queries spike.

  • Order tracking pages

    Order tracking pages

    Build branded tracking pages with your logo, promotional content, loyalty programs and more.

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  • Shipping notifications

    Shipping notifications

    Send customers live delivery updates via email and SMS, and control which updates to send – and when.

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  • Brand hub

    Brand hub

    Gain full control over the look and feel of your order tracking pages and shipping notifications with our Brand hub.

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Shipping labels + documentation

Generate shipping labels, manifests and customs paperwork – all from our shipping platform.

  • Generate shipping labels

    Generate shipping labels

    With one click, print shipping labels to your label printer or download as PDF. Scan packing slips to print labels.

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  • Packing slips, manifests and customs documentation

    Packing slips, manifests and customs documentation

    Generate packing slips, shipping labels, manifests and customs documentation for international orders with one click.

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  • Create plain labels

    Create plain labels

    Use our shipping platform’s plain label feature to generate labels for ad-hoc orders and pre-paid satchels.

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Shipping rates

We’re not here to make money on shipping rates. Bring your own rates or access discounted rates from leading couriers.

  • Access different shipping rates

    Access different shipping rates

    Bring your own rates or access discounted rates from leading carriers. Whatever you choose, we’ll never clip the ticket.

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  • Live shipping rates at checkout

    Live shipping rates at checkout

    Display different delivery options and shipping speeds at checkout so your customers choose what works for them.

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  • Accurate shipping calculations

    Accurate shipping calculations

    Use shipping rules to account for variations in your costs based on destination, weight, or delivery timeframes.

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Branded returns

Create a branded returns portal, manage international returns and more.

  • Branded returns portal

    Branded returns portal

    Create a branded returns portal that empowers customers to generate their own return shipping labels.

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  • International returns

    International returns

    Easily manage international returns with our shipping platform – all without lifting a finger.

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  • Returns notifications

    Returns notifications

    Keep your customers in the loop about their return with branded SMS and email notifications.

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Multi-carrier shipping

Our shipping platform gives you one dashboard to manage both your carriers and orders.

  • Automatically allocate orders to different carriers

    Automatically allocate orders to different carriers

    With our shipping platform, use the rules engine to automatically assign orders to carriers as they’re imported.

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  • Integrate with all leading carriers

    Integrate with all leading carriers

    Connect your eCommerce platform with all leading carriers, including Australia Post, DHL, FedEx and more.

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  • Manage your carriers in a way that works for you

    Manage your carriers in a way that works for you

    From the Starshipit dashboard, change which orders are assigned to which carrier with the click of a button.

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International shipping

Access new markets, automate international fulfilment processes and generate and submit customs documentation.

  • Automate international fulfilment processes and returns

    Automate international fulfilment processes and returns

    Set up rules to automatically generate customs documentation, assign orders to carriers, automate returns and more.

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  • Integrate with international carriers

    Integrate with international carriers

    The shipping platform with support for all major international carriers, including DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS.

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  • International shipping tracking

    International shipping tracking

    Keep customers informed at every stage of the international shipping journey with email and SMS notifications.

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Choice at checkout

Give your customers a choice of shipping options and control your checkout shipping rates.

  • Display multiple shipping options at checkout

    Display multiple shipping options at checkout

    Offer options like standard, same day, high speed delivery, overnight, weekend and click & collect – and the correct rates.

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  • Control over your shipping rates

    Control over your shipping rates

    You bring the shipping rates; we’ll provide the shipping platform. We don’t clip the ticket on your rates.

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  • Show transit times at checkout

    Show transit times at checkout

    Display accurate transit times from carriers at checkout, so customers know when to expect their order.

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Address validation

Automatically correct invalid addresses, so even if a customer has input the wrong details, the order will still be delivered to the right place.

  • Industry-leading address validation

    Industry-leading address validation

    Customers use our global address validation features to ensure orders always reach their intended destination.

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  • Bulk auto-correct addresses

    Bulk auto-correct addresses

    With a single click, identify which addresses are incorrect and automatically correct them – saving you time and hassle.

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  • Auto-correct individual addresses

    Auto-correct individual addresses

    Open individual addresses to identify which details are incorrect – then fix them with a single click.

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Reporting and analytics

Generate reports, access a variety of shipping dashboards and export your shipping data in ready-to-use formats.

  • Report builder and exports

    Report builder and exports

    Generate four types of reports, including shipped items, packages sent, unshipped items and shipments per workstation.

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  • Shipping analytics

    Shipping analytics

    Analyse multiple shipping metrics to improve your delivery experience and make data-driven decisions.

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Incorporate the intelligence of Starshipit into your platform with minimal integration effort.

  • Access all Starshipit features

    Access all Starshipit features

    Build your own integration with your platforms, then access features like our rules engine and carrier integrations.

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  • Reliable uptime

    Reliable uptime

    Our reliable shipping platform API has a 99.99% uptime, so you can integrate your platform with confidence.

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  • Extensive documentation

    Extensive documentation

    Access extensive API documentation to get up and running in a matter of hours – not days.

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