Run reports on your fulfilment with shipping analytics

Use shipping analytics to analyse real-life performance data and make informed decisions. See if carriers are meeting key shipping delivery KPIs. Create your own shipping reports.

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Over 30k retailers use Starshipit for shipping analytics

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Starshipit dashboard, branded returns and courier integrations

Starshipit: Your all-in-one platform for shipping automation

Automate your shipping while delivering better experiences for your customers. Connect your eCommerce platform to 60+ couriers, compare shipping rates, print shipping labels, autocorrect addresses, set up automations and more.

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Dive into shipping insights to improve your performance

Your new hub for shipping analytics

Multiple dashboards give you an overview of your shipping performance. View a summary of your order volume split by platform and carrier, view unshipped orders and more.

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Dive into shipping insights to improve your performance

Identify the reasons behind shortfalls in carrier performance with KPI gauges. Use these insights to have informed discussions about delivery timeframes with your carriers.

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Shipping analytics software which lets you generate detailed reports

Shipping analytics software which lets you generate detailed reports

Include shipping performance data in your current reporting processes by exporting the data into tools like Power BI, or simply use the report builder feature to create your own outputs.

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Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Give your customers the shipping options you know they want

Dive into easy-to-understand reports and learn which countries and states you’re shipping to most – then use this information to provide customers with the right shipping options.

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More reasons to use Starshipit for shipping data analytics

  • Generate multiple shipping reports

    Generate multiple shipping reports

    Including shipped Items, packages sent, unshipped packing summary and shipments per workstation.

  • Easy to understand metrics

    Easy to understand metrics

    See whether orders are delivered early, on time or late according to carrier data with our KPI gauges.

  • Carrier performance analysis

    Carrier performance analysis

    Make data-driven decisions and learn if your couriers are meeting DIFOT (Delivered In Full, On Time) KPIs.

Understanding the different types of shipping reports in Starshipit

Shipped items
Packages sent
Unshipped packing summary
Shipment per workstation
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More on reporting

The following resources contain more information about reporting in Starshipit, including instructions on how to get set up.

Generating reportsShipping analyticsScheduled Reporting

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