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6 Benefits of Selling on Social for your Online Store


Written by Starshipit

As an online retailer, you would have witnessed the natural growth of online social media platforms since the world was ordered to stay home during the rolling COVID-19 lockdowns.

With record numbers of people turning to social media to replace real-world activities, a staggering 4.55 billion of the world’s 7.55 billion, is currently using social media.

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These numbers have resulted in social media platforms and online retailers doubling down on exploring ways to sell on or via social media.

In this article, we have identified 6 ways your eCommerce store can leverage social media to increase immediate sales and nurture long-term customer loyalty.

1. Put your brand in the spotlight

To reach your ideal customers, you need to be found in places where your customers spend their time. Think of social channels as the world’s biggest digital shopping malls. Selling via or on social media means you have access to over half the world’s population (4.55 billion social media users) and your store has the potential to become a BIG DEAL, overnight.

2. Social media improves the buying journey

As social media platforms make it increasingly easy for consumers to shop without leaving their social media feed, the buyer’s journey has been truly atomized. Consumers can now discover, explore, and buy your products without ever leaving the platform.

By shortening the buyer journey, retailers stand to convert shoppers to customers faster, lowering their overall cost of customer acquisition (COCA).

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3. Social media is word of mouth advertising

Consumers no longer want to be sold to. Instead, they want to engage in conversations. According to the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising report, 66% of consumers say they trust consumer opinions that are posted online.

Social media is a place where Word-of-Mouth advertising thrives as customers feel empowered to have conversations with other consumers about your brand and products. If retailers are not encouraging customers to talk about their products online, they are potentially missing out on one of the most effective ways of growing their eCommerce store organically.

Online feedback and recommendations can form a solid starting point for brand conversations. Where are consumers posting their feedback more than ever before? You guessed it, social media.

4. Convert followers into loyalists

A brand advocate is anyone who organically promotes your brand to others and includes people from a much wider audience than those who use your products.

In fact, growing customer loyalty is a smart way to grow your business.

Social media is the place where these valuable brand connections are easier to nurture as people use social to connect to communities for all sorts of reasons. If you think about it, there’s probably a community on social media that you are a part of.

This makes social an excellent platform for building brand connections that will increase:

  • Share of wallet — consumer spend
  • Share of life — invest time in your brand
  • Share of love — invest feelings in your brand

5. Repurpose UGC into social proof gold

In the click and deliver era, it’s a challenge for brands to replace the high touch experience and excitement that is naturally experienced when shopping in-store. It is easy for retailers to use social media to maintain that brand connection during the post-purchase journey by leveraging user-generated content.

One example is called the “unboxing” moment. Retailers often include a personalised note or free gift with purchase and request shoppers to upload a picture to social using a hashtag. This level of engagement gets consumers talking about your products on multiple channels.

Retailers can also do this in more subtle ways, for example making their packaging worthy of social media. We recommend Better Packaging Co who are experts at sustainable packaging and can help you deliver a great experience for both your customers and planet!

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6. Deliver exceptional fulfilment, every time

As customers are quick to share their post-purchase experience on social platforms, delivering an exceptional and consistent post-purchase customer experience is more important than ever.

Starshipit’s fulfilment automation software gives you one dashboard to manage all your couriers and easily integrates with your eCommerce platform and inventory software to automatically pull through orders (no more cut and paste).

You can print shipping labels, manage returns, and automate time-consuming tasks, saving you up to 80% in handling time. Most importantly for social commerce, you can send automated post-purchase customer notifications and use branded tracking pages to build loyalty.

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