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La Mood is an online jewellery store that sells elegant and minimalist jewellery without a hefty price tag. The stylish collections are selected from quality suppliers worldwide and are made from gold, sterling silver, vermeil, and surgical steel.

Dukho Chung is a 32-year-old biologist from Melbourne with a love of minimalist jewellery. He has wanted to launch an online jewellery store for several years but never had the time. So, the COVID-19 lockdowns offered up the perfect time for Dukho to focus on getting La Mood up and running on Shopify.

“I definitely recommend using Starshipit over other shipping solutions apps/software as it’s simple and reliable; the two most important qualities in a shipping solution.”

— Dukho Chung, Owner, La Mood

The challenge: finding cost-effective shipping software with responsive technical support

Dukho explains how important it was for them to find the right eCommerce platform, “As a small business owner, our biggest challenge was choosing the right eCommerce platform. We were looking for a stylish and seamless layout with smart functionality. It took a lot of time, but we tried many eCommerce platforms before making a decision.”

The La Mood sales approach included listing La Mood with all major marketplaces, but before this could happen the fulfilment side of their business had to be flawless as customer happiness ultimately drives revenue growth. Dukho and his work partner already knew about shipping apps/solutions, but what they didn’t know was how hard it would be finding a shipping solution that was reliable and cost-effective.

As digital natives, they were quick to try many shipping apps. Dukho tells us how difficult it was, “We have used 6 shipping apps since we started! There have been many issues and daily frustrations.” For example, some required too much manual work and often the tech support was too slow to respond. Others were costly and unreliable, with too many delivery issues, which resulted in returns. International shipping was also a challenge as it took time to find the right courier with favourable rates as they had not yet built up a consistent flow of orders.

La Mood opt for multi-courier shipping software

The solution: La Mood opt for multi-courier shipping software

After trialing so many shipping solutions the La Mood team were very clear the two most important factors they were looking for in a shipping app; cost-effectiveness and reliability. Dukho tells us how they discovered Starshipit’s multi-courier shipping software, “We first heard of Starshipit while searching for a shipping solution app/software that integrates with our DHL business account. The DHL support staff highly recommended Starshipit. We were very happy with the app’s simple design and the extensive list of product features.”

Implementing Starshipit was a breeze and the La Mood team were very pleased with the responsive Customer Success team, “Implementation was seamless as the Starshipit team were very efficient and had us shipping with Starshipit in a very short space of time.” Starshipit easily integrated with La Mood’s Shopify store and their accounting platform, Wave, and preferred couriers, Aus Post and UPS. This meant that La Mood could import all their orders and create shipping labels from one central place. Using the Starshipit print application also allowed La Mood to quickly print all their shipping labels from their desktop, along with batch-printing all their packing slips & labels together.

La Mood also use Starshipit’s customer notifications and branded tracking pages with La Mood’s own branding. Notifications are sent at five key stages along the delivery journey, which keeps customers in the know about their parcel delivery journey. These notifications are also extremely valuable sales and branding tools, which are used by retailers to upsell or cross sell and to continually update and engage customers to ensure a happy customer experience.

The outcome: 60% handling time saved using a multi-courier platform

The La Mood team are so relieved to have found a shipping solution that saves them costs and a massive 60% in handling time. Having mostly mastered their fulfilment process means that they will be expanding their business into the USA and Europe, and are looking to list on more seller’s (marketplaces) platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

With so much early success the future looks very stylish for the Melbourne-based La Mood team. 

“We thank Starshipit for providing a smarter shipping solution that saves us cost and time.”

— La Mood

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