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Looking for the best Shopify app for shipping? Starshipit streamlines your order fulfilment and helps you save on shipping costs.

Shopify is the world’s leading multi-channel eCommerce platform, powering more than 4.5 million businesses worldwide.

Starshipit and Shopify Integration

Over 20k retailers use Starshipit to save hours every week on shipping and fulfilment

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Starshipit dashboard, branded returns and courier integrations

Why retailers love our Shopify shipping integration

Discover why we’re one of the highest-rated Shopify shipping apps on the Shopify App Store. Use Starshipit to get live rates at checkout, print your shipping labels, send shipping notifications and manage returns.

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  • Automate your shipping process

    Automate your shipping process

    Minimise human error and time spent on manual entry so you can focus on the important things, like growing your business.

  • Save time answering customer queries

    Save time answering customer queries

    Customer service is tedious work. Empower customers to track their parcels, saving you a lot of questions and support time down the line.

  • Reduce shipping costs & scale

    Reduce shipping costs & scale

    We don’t charge you per label – we’re all about shipping technology. Access competitive shipping rates or bring your own courier rates – we’ll never clip the ticket.

Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Integrate with all leading carriers

Leverage multiple carriers to find the most cost-effective shipping solutions. Easily integrate Shopify with Australia Post, NZ Post, Royal Mail, DPD, DHL Express, DHL Commerce and many more.

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Easy international shipping

Easy international shipping

Grow globally with Starshipit – the shipping automation platform designed to help you lower international shipping costs and reduce shipping admin. Integrate Shopify with international carriers and automate your customs documentation.

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Starshipit Dashboard

Save on Shopify shipping costs

Bring your own rates without any additional shipment fees. No account? No problem. We can connect you with a courier to obtain more competitive shipping rates directly, or you can choose from our plug-and-play services.

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Why retailers love Starshipit for Shopify shipping

Our Shopify shipping integration enables you to eliminate manual shipping processes, so you can get back to what matters – running your business.

  • Automatic order imports and syncing

    Automatic order imports and syncing

    Starshipit automatically imports your orders with the right customer and product details, then sends tracking data back to Shopify.

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  • Assign carriers using shipping rules

    Assign carriers using shipping rules

    Create your own automations to assign Shopify orders to your choice of over 60+ carriers. Then, adjust based on parameters you set.

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  • Display shipping options at checkout

    Display shipping options at checkout

    Display different delivery options and speeds at checkout so your customers choose what works for them. Show individual rates for each option.

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Discover our integrations with other leading carriers and platforms

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Shopify shipping FAQs

How does shipping work with Shopify?

There are several ways to approach Shopify shipping, but the simplest approach is to use a shipping automation platform like Starshipit.

While Shopify’s native shipping solution is a good option for many retailers, Starshipit’s ability to let you bring your own shipping rates and integrate with multiple carriers means it’s a much better solution for growing businesses.

Starshipit simplifies your shipping processes through an advanced set of features that are constantly being improved. Here are some of the core features that make Starshipit a valuable tool for streamlining your shipping operations:

  • Starshipit gives retailers one platform where they can manage all orders and select the best courier.
  • Automate each step of the fulfilment process such as generating shipping labels, packing slips, manifests, and submitting customs documentation, all within one dashboard.
  • Correct invalid addresses in one click, so customers will always get their orders, even if they entered their address details incorrectly.
  • Bring your own rates without any penalties. No account? No problem. We can either connect you with a courier to obtain more competitive shipping rates directly, or you can choose from our plug-and-play services. We have options for every stage of your journey.
  • Branded tracking pages and SMS or email notifications are sent directly to customers during five stages of delivery can keep them informed at every step.
  • Set up a dedicated branded returns portal, relieving staff of a significant time administration task.
  • Offer different options at checkout, including same day, express or international, so your customers can choose the delivery option that suits them best.
  • Take the stress out of international shipping by automating a lot of the repeatable administration.
  • Support for all major couriers and apps, and if not, you can use the dynamic API to easily build your own integrations in no time at all.

How to add shipping policy on Shopify

  1. To add a shipping policy on Shopify, follow these steps:
  2. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard.
  3. Click on "Settings," then select "Legal."
  4. Under the "Policies" section, click "Create from template" next to "Shipping policy."
  5. Customise your shipping policy by adding details about shipping methods, delivery times, costs, and any other relevant information.
  6. Save your changes. Your shipping policy will now be accessible to customers via a link in the footer of your online store.

How to send a shipping confirmation email with Shopify

Using a shipping platform like Starshipit is the easiest way to send shipping confirmation emails. You can send emails for each stage of the delivery process, customise the content and include your branding.

Are you using a platform like Klaviyo? No problem. Starshipit integrates with Klaviyo, allowing you even more control over your emails. With Klaviyo, you can tailor messages to your individual customers, offer targeted product recommendations and integrate your loyalty programs.

How to refund shipping on Shopify?

To refund shipping on Shopify, you need to process a refund for the specific order. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to "Orders" and select the order for which you want to refund shipping.
  3. Click on the "Refund" button within the order details.
  4. In the refund window, you can adjust the refund amount for the shipping cost or choose to refund the entire order amount. Make sure the "Shipping" checkbox is selected.
  5. Confirm the refund and follow the prompts to complete the process. The refunded shipping amount will be returned to the customer's original payment method, and the order status will be updated accordingly.

How to add multiple shipping options on Shopify

Adding multiple shipping options is easy with shipping automation (Starshipit). You can integrate with all major carriers, as well as any other delivery services you commonly use. Then, you can give your customers a choice of shipping options, control your checkout shipping rates and create custom checkout rules.

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