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Evolving Expectations: A Look into the Future of eCommerce Shipping


Written by David Renwick

Want to learn what 2023 holds for shipping and fulfilment? You’ll want to check out our new report, Evolving Expectations: A Look into the Future of eCommerce Shipping.

We’ve spoken to leading retailers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world to learn what they’re going to prioritise this year in order to remain competitive and grow their businesses.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • Why 84% of retailers are choosing multi-courier strategies.
  • The shipping strategies retailers plan to deploy in 2023.
  • Why over 74% of retailers prefer to negotiate their own courier rates.
  • Changes you can make to increase conversions at checkout.

And more!

With eCommerce such a powerful channel for businesses, it’s never been more important to get the shipping and fulfilment side of the equation right. When you focus on your shipping and delivery experience, you’ll end up with a healthier bottom line and happier customers.

The main shipping and fulfilment trends you'll discover

Our report explores trends in shipping and fulfilment in depth. Read on for a taste of what you'll discover in Evolving Expectations.

Shoppers abandon carts when they're not happy with delivery choices

Why customers are demanding choice of delivery options

Delivery choice and speed matter for your customers. They want choice at the checkout – choice of delivery methods and timeframes – think same day, express, pick-up in store etc. In one survey, 50% of buyers said they’d abandoned an online shopping card when they weren’t happy with the delivery choices available.

Cargo ship sailing on ocean with wake behind

How you can use international shipping to grow

Supporting international deliveries can open up entirely new markets, which in turn can bring significant growth. But it doesn’t need to be a daunting process. With shipping automation, businesses essentially eliminate the manual parts of shipping overseas, including things like customs paperwork, HS codes and more.

Product illustration with tiles showing different analytics tools.

Why being data-focused is so important

Basing your shipping decisions on data can yield impressive results. By understanding how your business and your couriers are performing, you can make changes and improve your delivery experience. In turn, you’ll also be able to reduce waste and save time.

Sustainability is an important consideration for eCommerce retailers

How you can implement a sustainable shipping strategy

Sustainability will continue to be a priority for retailers in 2023, with customer expectations a big driver for change. One survey found that 3 in 4 Australians consider at least some element of sustainability when they buy online. There are obvious moves like sustainable packaging but making your operations more efficient – and in turn lowering your carbon footprint – can be just as powerful.

Evolving Expectations shipping report eCommerce insights

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2023 is set to be another year of change for retailers. Those that make meaningful changes will stand to reap the rewards – healthier bottom lines, efficient shipping and delivery operations, and happy customers.

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