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The eCommerce industry has undergone exponential growth over the past couple of years. Consumer expectations have increased in tandem with the rapid rise of online retail. In fact, the quality of the post-purchase experience – from the moment of checkout to final delivery – is a dealbreaker or maker, for many customers when deciding whether or not to buy with a retailer again.

As the last mile plays a significant role in the customers’ decision to repeat purchase, a poor delivery experience can have a long-term impact on business growth. However, there is a solution!

Starshipit's award-winning eCommerce shipping and order fulfilment software is designed for businesses of all sizes worldwide. Whether it's dispatch, checkout, or post-purchase customer engagement, Starshipit's feature set automates every step of the fulfilment process. Enabling you to ship more products to more people since it does all the heavy lifting for you.

Continue reading to learn how Starshipit's advanced features can help you overcome your everyday fulfilment challenges.

Domestic and international shipping made simple with Starshipit

Challenge 1: Managing orders and couriers from multiple platforms

The days of logging into multiple platforms to manage your online orders and couriers should be long gone. But for retailers who are not using fulfilment management software like Starshipit, this continues to be a daily challenge.

Starshipit integrates
your eCommerce platforms, IMS, WMS, online marketplaces, accounting software, international and domestic couriers, and everything in between, into a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

From this dashboard you can, manage your online orders, print shipping labels, generate shipping documentation, autocorrect invalid addresses, select couriers based on automation rules, send shipping notifications and more.

Managing your orders from one streamlined place, reduces human error, increases customer loyalty, and ensures you can spend more time working on your business, not in it.

Starshipit is a plug and play solution with minimal setup required. If you’re ready to stop logging into multiple platforms on the daily, book a time to speak with one of our shipping experts or start your 30-day free trial (no credit card details required).

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Time spent answering “where is my parcel” enquiries

Challenge 2: Time spent answering “where is my parcel” enquiries

The 2022 consumer not only wants but expects to be kept informed at every step of the delivery journey. Retailers who receive “where is my parcel” queries have experienced firsthand the amount of hours this can take up each day answering support tickets.

To reduce the number of missing parcel enquiries and to save your team hours a day, we recommend sending branded tracking pages and shipping notifications that update the customer at least three to five times during delivery.

Shipping notifications can be sent via SMS or email. There are five touchpoints that you can personalise and notify your customer of their order status.

  1. Printed/ packed
  2. Picked-up
  3. In transit
  4. Out for delivery
  5. Delivered

You can also customise your own branded tracking page instead of using a standard courier tracking link. Many of our customers include their logo, brand colours, links to social pages and content that redirects customers back to their website.

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Reduce human error and simplify support through address validation

Challenge 3: Expensive parcel returns due to invalid addresses

Non-deliveries due to invalid addresses are a high cost to businesses, both financially, in the time and resources needed to manage them, and the impact that they have on the customers’ shipping experience.

Fortunately, Starshipit has a solution to fix this expensive challenge. Starshipit has a valuable feature that makes correcting invalid addresses as simple as one click, so customers will always get their orders, even if they entered their address details incorrectly. The process is as easy as filtering orders to show the incorrect addresses and hitting an auto-correct button. You can review the changes and update them in bulk.

Auto-correction is an impressive time-saver, removing the need to look up addresses on third-party sites or contact customers to confirm. The validation ensures delays are minimised, and deliveries arrive where they're supposed to, every time. Watch our quick tip video to see this feature in action.

Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

Challenge 4: Manually generating and printing shipping labels

If you struggle with the time it takes to pack orders for your customers, it may be time to look at the different ways you can increase your capacity to send more parcels to more people. Shipping automation software enables you to print shipping labels at high speeds and high volumes to ensure demands are met.

With just one click, Starshipit generates shipping labels that you can print directly to your thermal printer or download as a PDF. You can choose to print them all at once, just a few, or just one at a time. If you use a barcode scanner, you can also scan your packing slip to automatically print the label. This means packages arrive in the time frame you promised, which in turn, means fewer calls and messages to customer care.

Starshipit enables merchants to deliver exceptional customer shipping experiences

Starshipit’s plug and play solution integrates with your eCommerce, inventory management software, and over 40 couriers.

Start a free 30-day trial (No credit card details required) or book a quick strategy call.

We'll talk about your current processes and where you could use automation to save time and money.

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