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Integration Focus: Starshipit’s integration with BigCommerce


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The perfect pairing for e-tailers who want scalable, best-in-class eCommerce solutions & shipping automation

As the name would suggest, BigCommerce think big. They started in 2009 as a 2-person startup and today are a leading eCommerce SaaS platform with a team of 600+, all focused on helping retailers achieve eCommerce success.

BigCommerce is primed for a new era of commerce. They offer out-of-the-box tools that are flexible and are built to give your eCommerce business agility in the ever-changing world of online commerce. As a testament to their expertise and innovation, BigCommerce power some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands.
“On BigCommerce, we now have an extremely agile environment that can change quickly to meet our business needs.”
— Mark Hopkins, Chief Information Officer at Skullcandy (Read case study)


BigCommerce start you off with a solid foundation and offer a powerful eCommerce platform that is secure and offers lightning-fast experiences to ensure first-time buyers become loyalists. Retailers have design freedom to create an on-brand storefront with design tools that offer limitless creative freedom and potential.


To ensure you are never left behind and you seize market opportunities at the speed of culture, BigCommerce allows you to develop a headless eCommerce approach, which then gives your team the opportunity to create content-rich experiences that are both delightful and geared for conversions.


As BigCommerce has first-hand knowledge of the importance of scalability, they have developed an API-driven platform that grows as you do. The best part is that they have the experience to help you scale without any of the growing pains of a business on the rise to success.

BigCommerce by the numbers

  • 2009 – Year Founded
  • 600+ – Employees
  • $25B+ – In Merchant Sales
  • 5,000+ – Apps & Design Partners
  • 200M – In Funding
  • 120+ – Countries Served

Starshipit + BigCommerce

As our 5-star rating on the BigCommerce app store suggests, our star performance makes this an obvious integration for a seamless customer experience that automates the shipping process and delivers peace of mind during the busiest delivery seasons.

Starshipit integrates with leading platforms and couriers

What makes us a great pairing

Our software platform seamlessly plugs into your BigCommerce store, and automatically updates and sends information to your store every step of the fulfilment process. All you need to do is connect your couriers to our system and our platform then automates all the heavy lifting until your customer receives their delivery.

What are shipping rules and why do you need them

BigCommerce + Starshipit

The following resources contain more information about this integration and how it works, including step instructions on how to get set up.

How to integrate BigCommerce with Starshipit

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