Integrate your business with Starshipit to deliver world-class shipping automation

Starshipit integrates with Singapore Post to deliver world-class shipping automation


Written by Starshipit

Ship with Singapore Post? Starshipit now integrates with Singapore Post, so customers can leverage Starshipit's technology and gain access to the myriad of Singapore Post delivery services.

Leading courier service in Asia Pacific

Established in 1819, Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) is the leading postal, mail and logistics service across Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Operating in 19 markets, SingPost is pioneering and leading in eCommerce logistics.

Singapore Post + Starshipit

With Asia Pacific being the world’s largest regional apparel market, SingPost serves as a key player in eCommerce logistics and fulfilment. Starshipit has built an integration with SingPost offering customers the ability to reduce manual processes and automate their shipping. Sinapore Post customers can integrate their selling channel with Starshipit and:

  • Track and trace all SingPost shipments in one place
  • Seamlessly pull in orders to fulfil
  • Print Singapore Post shipping labels & documentation
  • Manifest orders and automatically generate labels
  • Receive automatic updates of the SingPost order status in their store, after a label is created
  • Engage customers after sales with delivery notifications and branded tracking emails.

If you’d like to integrate SingPost with Starshipit, you can follow step-by-step instructions in our support article.

Singapore Post and Starshipit Integration

Singapore Post services

Singapore Post offers a wide range of services including:

  • Express, Priority, Same-day, Next-day and Directdelivery
  • International shipping
  • SmartPac – postage paid letterbox delivery with free packaging
  • Self-service Automated Machines (SAM) – 300 digital mailboxes with bill payment services which can be accessed anywhere, anytime


Elevate your shipping game with Starshipit. Automate labels, rates, tracking & more for a seamless eCommerce experience. Get started & watch your business grow.

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