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Platform Integration : Starshipit + Trade Me


Written by Starshipit

Trade Me is another New Zealand tech success story. Started in 1999 by a 23 year-old tech consultant, Sam Morgan, who built the auction website in 6 weeks from his couch in Wellington.

By 2006, he sold to Australian media company, Fairfax, for NZ$700 million, and in 2019, the Kiwi staple was acquired by private equity firm, Apax Partners, for NZ$2.56 billion.

What's more, according to a study from NZ Couriers, it's also the leading online selling platform for Kiwi businesses without an online store (for example, before they're ready to use a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce).

Platform Integration : Starshipit + Trade Me

New Zealand's Number One Online Shopping Destination

With over half a million visitors to the site daily plus a strong reputation for safe and trusted online trading, and have positioned themselves as the best place to grow your business via a digital channel in New Zealand.

The iconic blue Kiwi bird has become part of the cultural Kiwi psyche as the go-to for all things from their next car, big career move or that perfect addition to their living room. The Kiwi bird does in fact have a name, Kevin or “Kev” to his friends.

Data Rich Marketplace & Advertising Platform Traders, Retailers, Property, Vehicles and of course Dating

Trade Me is a platform that connects people with traders and retailers, whilst providing all the tools and information needed to make the transaction possible.

The platform features auctions and fixed-priced sales for new, and used goods. It’s also the number one platform for Kiwis looking to buy a car or a home, and while you’re there you can also find someone to date via their dating channel.

What’s awesome for retailers is the rich data

It allows for targeted media, giving retailers economies of scale and improved relevance.

Ping Payments

Sellers are able to accept payment via credit card using “Ping” (formerly “Pay Now”). The confluence of private traders and retailers on one platform make Trade Me the busiest, and most dynamic marketplace, and advertising platform in New Zealand.

Real-time stats on 13 October for the marketplace website accounts 4,949,106 listings 8,561,615

Starshipit's write-back feature let's you automatically update the order status and tracking number in the source platform.

Integration that delivers the goods

To help retailers trade smarter and faster, Starshipit’s platform automates every step of the fulfilment process. From printing labels, to customer notifications and if required, customs documentation.

Starshipit also integrates with multiple carriers, which gives you more choice, with full transparency of live rates. When you sign up, the all-star customer support team take you through an in-depth onboarding process and offer continued support to ensure your star-rated shipping success.

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