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Product update: April 2024


Written by David Renwick

Hey there! 👋 Welcome to the Starshipit product update for April. If you’re new around here, these updates are where we pull together all the things our team has been hard at work on over the past couple of months into one easy to digest blog.

We’ve got a few new features to share with you today, as well as a host of tweaks and improvements to make your shipping as easy as possible. Let’s get into it!

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In this update

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Get a quick overview of some of the top new features in the April product update.


What’s new in Starshipit

Pack easier with the new packing slip template editor

You may remember our news about our new packing summary template and editor from our last product update – we’re now pleased to announced the same functionality for packing slips.

Our new packing slip template editor gives you the freedom to customise the template to suit your preferences, from tweaking fonts to removing unnecessary columns.

  • ✅ Need bigger columns? Just drag to resize.
  • ✅ Don't need a specific column? You can easily delete it.
  • ✅ Missing something? We've introduced a wide range of new variables, allowing you to tailor the template precisely to your packing needs.
  • ✅ Got a printer that supports colors? Update the template to match your brand colors.
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A new way to manage the Product Catalogue in UI 2.0!

We have improved the way you access and manage product information in Starshipit. It’s now easier to access and make changes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Product Catalogue now in the main navigation: We've made it easier to access the product catalogue from wherever you are in Starshipit. Simply click 'Products' in the main navigation to access the product catalogue.
  • Virtual scrolling and inline editing: We've introduced virtual scrolling, allowing seamless vertical navigation through the entire product grid without the need to navigate between pages. Additionally, we're rolling out inline editing, enabling you to edit and save product details directly within the product row.

Add, remove and edit item details using the product catalogue

You can now search for, add and remove item details within the item grid and order details page, using items you've set up in the Product Catalogue.

This enhancement simplifies the process of creating and editing orders, allowing you to quickly fill in item details by selecting them from the Product Catalogue.

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Returns Portal: Option to add a return reason or exchange details

We've updated our returns portal, so your customers can now add a return reason or exchange details directly during the returns process. This can reduce the need for follow-up communication and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Use your own fleets and drivers with Starshipit

Did you know you can use your own fleet or drivers directly alongside your third-party carriers, right from the Starshipit dashboard? We’ve made it easy.

Thanks to our plain labels functionality (and our integration with the Orca Scan app), you can manage your own fleets and drivers as easily as your other carriers:

  • 🚚 Create rules to assign orders to different carriers based on what works for your business.
  • 💰 Load shipping rate cards for your own fleets and compare services with your other carriers.
  • 👨 Enable drivers to update the tracking status of orders.
  • 🎨 Set up and customise your own fleet shipping labels.
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What’s new: Carriers

See what's new with our carrier partners, including Fed Ex, DHL, Sendle, Post Haste and more.

DHL landed cost estimator in-app screenshot

DHL Express: Landed Cost Estimator

The Landed Cost Estimator gives you insight into the total landed cost for an order, by displaying any duties, taxes, or other regulatory fees directly within Starshipit.

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Post Haste: Support for dangerous goods

We now support dangerous goods with Post Haste. You can add and manage Post Haste dangerous goods in your Post Haste courier settings, ensuring compliance with Post Haste Dangerous Goods (DG) Policy.

  • 🔄 Effortless configuration: Easily configure dangerous goods in the Post Haste settings page within Starshipit. Then, manually assign dangerous goods to your orders or automatically apply dangerous goods using the rules engine.
  • 📋 Auto generated declaration form: The DG declaration form will be automatically generated at the same time as the label print, using the information from Dangerous goods setting when the shipment is flagged for containing dangerous goods, eliminating the need for manual form creation.

Important note! Prior to shipping, ensure sure you've followed Post Haste’s Dangerous goods (DG) guidelines for transport.

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Quick-fire updates for carriers

That’s not all, our team has also been working away on some much-requested updates to popular carriers.

🚚 Direct Freight: Company name and SKU on labels

The company name shows alongside receiver name on the label. SKU on labels can be enabled for Direct Freight in the users settings

🚚 FedEx: Order reference on label

The order number (our ref) is now shown on the label in the 'ref' field. This will be applied as a default setting on your account.

🚚 TNT: Add GST to rates

TNT rates are now GST inclusive (Australian 10%). This is visible in all places rates are returned.

🚚 Sendle: SKU on label

You can now enable SKU on labels for Sendle.

🚚 Live rates at checkout DHL eCommerce

SSI now supports live rates at checkout for DHL eCommerce. User needs to have rates enabled on their DHL eCommerce account first.

🚚 Rule: Destination customer name

You can now set 'Destination Contact Name' as a rule condition in Starshipit.

What’s new: Integrations, platforms and apps

Integrate Starshipit with Odoo

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

You can integrate Starshipit with Oodo, allowing you to create shipping methods that will automatically get rates from specific couriers (such as Australia Post, NZ Post, DHL and others) based on predefined conditions).

Do you ship internationally and use PeopleVox? We’ve got some good news for you! We've updated our PeopleVox integration, giving you a lot more flexibility when selecting fields for HS codes and Countries of Origin (COOs). While you could import these details before, this new update broadens your options.

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Wrap up

And that wraps up our April 2024 product update. Keep an eye on our changelog to get notified of all new releases, and happy shipping!

David Renwick

David Renwick

David is Starshipit's Product Marketing Lead. When he's not whipping up a fresh new product update or chatting to customers for an exciting case study, you'll typically find him scoping out coffee spots and talking about what's on at the movies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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