Product update: August 2022

Product update: August 2022


Written by David Renwick

It’s been a while since our last product update, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been taking it easy. In fact, this just might be our biggest-ever product update.

Starshipit was created for retailers just like you, and every feature update and carrier integration is designed to streamline your shipping and fulfilment processes even more.

In this update, we’ll cover our updates to existing carriers, integration updates, new features and general fixes and tweaks to the app. Remember – if there’s a feature or fix that you want to request, we’d love to hear from you.

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New couriers and features

New couriers

We’ve got a global network of leading domestic and international couriers available, with more being added all the time. Here are the latest additions:

Uber Direct

With Uber Direct, businesses can use Uber's network of drivers-partners to move goods within their supply chain.

Direct Freight

Direct Freight provides efficient transport and logistics to businesses across Australia, focusing on a high level of customer service.


PBT provides a comprehensive range of express courier and general freight services across New Zealand.


Rendr offers a same day delivery solution, powered by a data driven fulfilment engine.

Sendle International and Domestic Express

We've expanded our Sendle integration to support using Sendle’s new domestic Express service and shipping internationally.

To integrate any of the above, visit our support centre to find out how.

Visit our support centre

Carrier updates

We've added a host of new features to some of our existing partners:

Evri (Previously Hermes)

Support for enabling SMS notifications to be sent directly from Evri.

DPD UK and Local UK

Support for specifying receiver tax numbers, which is required when shipping business to business (B2B).


Ability to add your Shipper Tax Number when sending orders using Seko.


We now support insurance when using TNT.

Plain Label

You can now display an item SKU on a label. We’ve also made general formatting fixes.


Added support for booking StarTrack pickups in the Starshipit app.

Border Express

Added support for Authority to leave when using Border Express.


Added support for tracking updates (allowing notifications based on delivery status) and the ability to cancel shipments directly in Starshipit for NZ Couriers, Post Haste and Castle Parcels.

MyPost Business

Added support for insurance (Extra Cover) with MyPost Business. We’ve also added support for printing SKUs on labels (which allows businesses to easily see what’s in a package).


We’ve upgraded our rates with Toll to use their latest technology. This provides a more stable rate system. We’re also working on MyToll for consignment creation, which will allow business to consumer (B2C) shipments.


Added support for estimated transit times alongside rates.

Integration updates

Starshipit integrates with the platforms that your business depends on. Here are the latest features and tweaks we’ve made:


Added a new Shopify integration which allows you to automate multi inventory fulfilment, import Shopify tags and much more!


Added support for different units of measure (UOM) when importing dimensions in Magento2.


Updated writeback to allow writing back to the Shipping Tracking Plugin in WooCommerce.


We now support kgs, grams and pounds as units of measure when importing from Squarespace.


Our integration now imports both the warehouse name and the delivery instructions. Also, you can configure your integration to import sales shipments rather than sales orders.


Open Cart extensions now support and later OpenCart stores.


When using Pickup in Store the writeback to BigCommerce will update the order to “Awaiting Pickup”.

Amazon SP-API

With the upcoming sunset of Amazon MWS, we have built a new integration into Amazon’s SP-API.

Check out our support centre to read our updated guides and walkthroughs.

Branded Returns Portal

New features and updates

There’s a lot happening in the Starshipit app – we’ve been working on some new features to optimise your checkout experience and streamline your fulfilment processes.

Packing summary

Packing summaries can now display additional details, such as the colour, size and bin location of your products. This makes bulk picking much simpler.

Package sent report

The package sent report now includes the freight charge your customer paid on checkout, which allows you to easily analyse how much you're spending verse how much you’re charging for freight.

Returns portal

Simplify and automate your returns process with the returns portal so that your customers can self-service, track their returns and feel confident making purchases with you.

Use Starshipit to offer live rates for your customers

Feature highlight: Live rates at checkout

We’ve added new capabilities to our live rates at checkout feature, which allows you to do things like offer couriers based on the delivery address, automatically cover your shipping surcharges and provide accurate rates based on shipping from multiple locations.

Quick print

When using the quick print feature, you now have the option to reprint shipping labels.

PO Boxes

We've extended our rules engine to be able to detect PO boxes so you can have them go with a carrier of your choosing. We’ve also added additional validation to ensure they don’t accidentally go with the wrong carrier.

Assign packages with rules

The rules engine now has the capability to automatically assign your packages to orders to ensure you’re declaring the correct dimensions based on your products.


We told you we’ve been busy! If you’ve got any questions about how to implement any of our new features, or which integrations might work best for you, get in touch with one of our friendly shipping experts.

We’ve got so much more to come this year to make your shipping and fulfilment operations even more efficient and cost-effective. Don’t be a stranger too – we’d love to hear from you if you have a feature idea. Stay tuned to our feedback page for new updates until next time.

We’ve also rebranded – read the full story on our blog.

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