Starshipit Product update february 2024

Product update: February 2024


Written by David Renwick

Welcome to the first Starshipit product update of 2024. As regular readers know, in between our dedicated feature releases, we like to pull together these updates to highlight all the hard work our team puts in across Starshipit.

So, with another peak season behind us and the opportunities of a new year ahead, let’s dive into what’s new in Starshipit.

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Get a quick overview of some of the top new features in the February product update.

What’s new in Starshipit

Customise your plain labels

Want to add a personal touch to your shipping labels? Our new template editor has got you covered. The label editor lets you easily customize your own labels, ensuring they align perfectly with your business's unique needs.

  • ✅ Need the order number bigger to make packing easier? Increase the font size.
  • ✅ Is the barcode in the way? Delete the variable from the template
  • ✅ Using a label printer that supports colours? Update the template to match your brand colours
  • ✅ Have custom text you'd like to include? Type into the template and it will be included on your labels.
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Introducing the dynamic print button

We've improved the print button on the Order details page to offer more flexibility in what happens after label print.

Now, simply click the arrow to the right of the dynamic print button to switch between four options:

  • Print: Print the label and stay on the page
  • Print and close: Print the label and return to the Orders grid
  • Print and open next: Print the label and go to the next order in the Orders grid
  • Print and open prev: Print the label and go to the previous order in the Orders grid

Your selection is remembered, so you only need to change it once.

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Automatically assign packages with recommended packaging

Struggling with your packaging process? Our new, intelligent recommended packaging feature is the solution you’re looking for! This feature uses an advanced algorithm that automatically selects the most space-efficient packaging for each order, much like playing a game of Tetris with your products!

It carefully analyses the dimensions of both the items and available packages, ensuring the best fit package(s) are chosen to minimize space and reduce shipping costs. Check out our video explainer.

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Integrate shipment tracking via API

If you generate labels outside of Starshipit, this feature enables you to integrate just the shipment tracking into your system or website for a seamless tracking experience. Our shipment tracking API enables you to offer shipment visibility across multiple touchpoints without the need to develop individual integrations with different carriers.

  • ✅ Utilise our existing integrations with all leading global carriers, including DHL, FedEx and Australia Post.
  • ✅ Instead of integrating with each carrier, use one integration with Starshipit.
  • ✅ Detailed tracking with standardised status.

Returns Portal: Option to add a return reason or exchange details

We've updated our returns portal, so your customers can now add a return reason or exchange details directly during the returns process. This can reduce the need for follow-up communication and enhance the overall customer experience.

Additionally, this user-provided information, along with associated items being returned, will now be visible in the 'Notes' section within return order details.

Shipping rate calculation for unshipped orders

We've improved the calculation of shipping rates for unshipped orders. With this update, the system will now factor in both the item weight and the packaging weight when you have enabled 'Add packaging weight to your box' in package settings.

This improvement ensures visibility into accurate shipping costs before shipping. Additionally, it maintains consistency in costs between unshipped and shipped orders.

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Pack easier with the new packing summary template and editor

We’re on a mission to simplify picking and packing. To that end, we’ve created a new consolidated packing slip, designed to let you pick and pack using the same document. Plus, our new template editor gives you the freedom to customize this template to suit your preferences, from tweaking fonts to removing unnecessary columns.

  • ✅ Need bigger columns? Just drag to resize.
  • ✅ Don't need the SKU column? You can easily delete it.
  • ✅ Have a printer that supports colors? Update the template to match your brand colors.
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What’s new: Carriers

MyPost Business update: Save time with new multi-package and auto-signature features

Starshipit now has multipackage support for MyPost Business domestic shipments. As users of MyPost Business know, the service doesn't support multi-package shipments, requiring cumbersome partial shipments for orders needing multiple packages. Now, you can skip that step by creating multiple labels for one order in Starshipit, simplifying the shipping process.

But that’s not all for MyPost this month. MyPost Business mandates signatures on international orders. You can now automatically add a digital signature, including the date and your company name, to international order labels.

Finally, we’ve made a number of performance enhancements, allowing for efficient and reliable bulk printing of large numbers of MyPost Business orders. No additional setup is required on your part.

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New service: Ship orders with Team Global Express B2C Standard

We’re always building out list our supported carriers and services, and today we’re pleased to announce that we now support Team Global Express B2C Standard.

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DHL Express: Support for Adult Signature

Starshipit now supports specifying that shipments require an Adult Signature with DHL. You can enable this feature by selecting the 'Adult Signature' checkbox on the individual order.

At a customer’s request, DHL will obtain a delivery signature from an adult at the stipulated delivery address. If, for local legislative reasons, proof of the receivers age needs to be verified, DHL may need to request presentation of a valid government-issued personal identification document.

Enable NZCouriers, PostHaste and Castle Parcels Notifications

Enhance your communication with your customers by enabling PostHaste, NZCouriers, and Castle Parcels to send email and SMS notifications on your behalf.

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New: Dangerous goods support for UPS

Starshipit now has seamless dangerous goods support with UPS. You can add and manage UPS dangerous goods in your settings, ensuring compliance with UPS (and general shipping) regulations.

Interested in learning more about shipping dangerous goods? Check out our guide.

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What’s new: Integrations, platforms and apps

PeopleVox enhancements: New options for COO and HS codes.

Do you ship internationally and use PeopleVox? We’ve got some good news for you! We've updated our PeopleVox integration, giving you a lot more flexibility when selecting fields for HS codes and Countries of Origin (COOs). While you could import these details before, this new update broadens your options.

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Wrap up

And that’s a wrap on the first product update for 2024! As always, if you’d like to stay up to date with each new feature as it releases, head over to our changelog. Happy shipping!

David Renwick

David Renwick

David is Starshipit's Product Marketing Lead. When he's not whipping up a fresh new product update or chatting to customers for an exciting case study, you'll typically find him scoping out coffee spots and talking about what's on at the movies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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