Flora & Fauna tame eCommerce fulfilment with Starshipit

Flora & Fauna tame eCommerce fulfilment with Starshipit


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Flora & Fauna tame eCommerce fulfilment with Starshipit

Flora & Fauna: helping their customers make better choices every day.

Eco, ethical business is on the up and up, as savvy consumers demand more information about what they’re buying and where it comes from. One market that continues to grow in this space is health and beauty.

Meet Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna is an award-winning Australian-based online retailer with a sharp focus on the environment. Headed by Julie Mathers, Flora & Fauna sells everything from beauty and homewares to lifestyle and fashion, and prides themselves on helping their customers make better choices every day. The 100% vegan, ethical and cruelty-free company started as a concept in July 2014 and launched their online store shortly after. On day one, they had 30 brands and around 500 products on the books. Fast-forward six years and the website now stocks over 240 brands and 5500 products. For their first two years of business, Flora & Fauna was a two-man game. During the day, Julie and her husband ran the show out of a small warehouse. After the dinner, they’d pack orders over a glass of wine and then drop everything off at the post office the following morning. It quickly became apparent, though, that if they wanted to continue to grow – and not work 24/7 – they needed to implement better fulfilment and shipping systems.

Starshipit x Flora & Fauna

That’s where Starshipit’s automated eCommerce fulfilment app comes in. Pre-Starshipit, Flora & Fauna’s fulfilment process was very slow and manual. Julie chose Starshipit because she needed something quick, reliable and easy to use, and it integrated with her shipping providers. Thanks to the power of automation, Flora & Fauna’s 40+ strong team now pushes out thousands of orders a week at just a few clicks of a button.

Julie found that Starshipit was easy to train everyone up on the system and have the whole team using it. As a result, Flora & Fauna can process orders in seconds, not minutes, saving the team more than $80k annually and improving order and delivery accuracy.

The app’s intuition saves plenty of time and hassle too. If customers enter their shipping details incorrectly, Starshipit picks up the error and auto-corrects it, saving time, minimising delivery errors, and reducing subsequent customer enquiries and complaints. Starshipit lets businesses create branded tracking pages and shipping notifications too, so customers can check in on their orders independently.

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