Starshipit’s self-service channels empower online retailers to keep shipping

Starshipit’s self-service channels empower online retailers to keep shipping


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Online resources make it easy to help yourself

There is a raft of content and formats available on the Starshipit website and on our YouTube channel to get you set up and keep you up-to-date with the latest platform news, and updates, including useful quick tips from our all-star team.

Getting started with Starshipit support

If you are new to online retail our thorough step-by-step guides are very easy to follow and will reassure you that Starshipit are focused on empowering you with the best content and information to be the best e-tailer. There is also a very handy set up Wizard you can use, which will get you set up one step at a time. Included on the site is also the list of frequently asked questions, which is useful to read through to make sure all the basics have been addressed and in place for you to kickstart your online success.

Becoming the best e-tailer you can be

As the application has many features and will vary in use depending on your business needs, we have invested in creating content to educate retailers on how best to make use of the platform.

Our Knowledge Base has detailed, step-by-step guides for setting up different courier accounts, platform integrations, branded tracking & notifications and automation through ‘rules’. This will help empower you to navigate the platform and troubleshoot on your own. However, our support team are always available to help.

We are also constantly uploading content to our website and YouTube channel to help you optimize your settings. Our Youtube channel primarily features tutorials, which are more detailed how-to guides and our quick tips, which are shorter snippets of advice delivered by our very knowledgeable team. The blog is also host to the latest in fulfilment and shipping news to keep you informed, and to help your online business grow from strength to strength.

For those who are more technical

If you are looking to integrate with our platform, there is a simple guide for developers with all you need to know about integrating with our platform using our API. The industry feedback we have received to date is that our technical documentation is incredibly detailed and very easy to understand, so you will be on your way to shipping with Starshipit in record time.

Customer support to your rescue

If you still have any queries or issues, our top-rated support team are always available to help solve your issue. You can just log a ticket or send in an email and our support team will get back within 24 hours.

Help yourself to a free 30-day trial

If you are ready to get started with Starshipit, we offer a free 30-day trial, so that you can see the business results for yourself!

The Starshipit application syncs and automates all communication in real time between your online store, the customer and the courier, from the checkout moment to final parcel delivery. Features includes bulk printing labels, free customizable branded tracking notifications for your customers, integrations with multiple couriers, and a thorough onboarding process and responsive Support team dedicated to your ongoing shipping success. There is also full transparency of all carrier rates to ensure you get the best deal.

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