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Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify (2023)


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This post was last updated on the 16th March 2023.

There are a number of shipping apps available for Shopify, some free and some paid.

Starshipit is one of several paid options available (after a 30-day free trial) for Shopify users in Australia, NZ, UK and Asia, specifically designed for carriers in these regions. Starshipit has a 5-star rating by customers on the Shopify app store and is known for its excellent customer support and free, onboarding process.

The following article compiles the top ten Shopify shipping apps, independently written and published by web developer, Sam Deering at Full Stack 4U.

A shipping plugin allows you to offer your customers a more available range of shipping options when they checkout. This could be order tracking options, priority delivery, international delivery or faster delivery. I’ve found that some customers are willing to pay more for shipping & handling if they want the product quick, such as next day!

Depending on your location, determining your shipping options can be quite difficult as every customer is usually from a different location, country, city, suburb etc. Some plugins can show the shipping rates calculated at the shopping cart level with a Google map which is nice. Feel free to checkout some Shopify Parcel & Shipping options that are currently available to add to your Shopify store.

Starshipit dashboard with courier costs

Shipping apps for Shopify:

Top tip

Before we get into our complete list of Shopify shipping apps, there's one you may want to consider which features everything you need to automate the process of shipping when using Shopify.

Starshipit lets you automate your fulfilment, includes out-of-the-box support for the top couriers, allows you to customise shipping notifications and more.

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Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Better Shipping

1. Better Shipping

Better Shipping lets you set suitable shipping rates so you are not out of pocket. Better Shipping gives you two distinct features that enable you to take full control over how much you charge for shipping. Better Shipping calculates shipping rates based on the customer’s zip or post code and the items they order.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Aftership

2. Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

A tracking URL is automatically generated for each tracking number. You can enable custom domain to show order status at your site. Your customer can easily view the latest delivery status, expected delivery date, courier’s name and contact details.

Australia Post, DHL, StarTrack, Labels, Rates & Tracking by Starshipit

Australia Post, DHL, StarTrack, Labels, Rates & Tracking by Starshipit

Enables Accurate Postage Rate calculation, Looks-up addresses and auto-populates fields, enables delivery option selection i.e: 3 hour, click + collect etc, reduce postage costs. Print labels (single or batch print) with full support for return labels direct to thermal or A4 printer. Improve customer service & engagement and up-sell with branded tracking pages.

Supports the largest range of couriers – Australia Post, StarTrack, DHL, Fastway, Sendle, CouriersPlease, Toll Priority, TNT and Hunter Express (and more). Specialises in Australian and Asia Pacific carriers.

Talk to an an expert to know more about how Starshipit can automate your fulfilment and enable easy shipping.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: SmartSend

4. Australian Shipping Unlimited by Smart Send

Take advantage of Smart Send’s unbeatable shipping rates at shop checkout or fulfilment, whether you’re sending to Australia or the world! Shipping Unlimited, the new, advanced app from Smart Send, lowers your shipping pricing and takes the work out of fulfillment, too.

The app leverages the great shipping rates that Smart Send has access to – we look at what you are sending, from where and to where, and get the best rates from up to seven different Australian and international carriers.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Shiphero

5. ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

Manage your inventory, and have your team shipping your orders accurately and quickly at scale, with ShipHero. Utilizing iPads or iPods together with inexpensive barcode scanners, ShipHero provides Shopify stores of all sizes the ability to manage stock, pick, pack and print shipping labels all from one powerful platform.

ShipHero is 100% digital, completely eliminating the need for any paper pick tickets and is able to track all orders, products, shipments as well as gain a real-time understanding of employees’ performance.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Veeqo

6. Veeqo

Veeqo’s Integration with Shopify allows you to pull orders from Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or Ebay and print USPS, Royal Mail, UPS and FedEx shipping labels in one place, create shipping rules and email your customer their shipping details in an instance. It’s an easy way to ship and a great way keep your customers happy.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

7. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

This app shows the shipping costs to your customers in the shopping cart. It makes your customers feel more confident about the checkout process and increases the usability of your store. Everything happens automatically with zero effort for you or your customer. The app autodetects your customers’ location using a precision IP database. Then queries the Shopify API to get the different shipping options for that location.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: InXpress

8. InXpress – DHL at Checkout

InXpress – DHL at Checkout helps customers dramatically reduce international shipping costs by consolidating the shipping volume from thousands of small businesses under one umbrella. When you request your DHL account through InXpress, the DHL account belongs to you; you just pay much less. You will gain access to discounts you would never achieve on your own. DHL picks up and delivers your packages. It’s that easy.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Automated RMAs and Returns

9. Automated RMAs and Returns

With the Automated RMAs and Returns app for Shopify, you can give your customers the fast and easy return process they expect while saving yourself time and money. Customers print labels, rebox, and return, and returns are delivered wherever in your supply chain they need to go. You and your customers get the automated power and convenience of the biggest ecommerce stores, without the enterprise-level costs.

Top 10 shipping apps recommended for Shopify: Zenstores

10. Zenstores

Zenstores connects your Shopify store to your couriers so you can spend less time shipping orders and more time growing your business. Zenstores makes printing shipping labels for your orders fast and easy. Zenstores automatically imports orders from Shopify and your other stores/marketplaces – providing a single place to easily manage orders, print shipping labels and dispatch.

Fulfil orders from Zenstores and the parcel tracking information is automatically sent back to your stores, saving you hours of work.

Shipping can be the biggest pain point for online merchants because it’s time consuming, complex, and the possibility for errors is high. By removing the manual processes, you can remove bottle necks and minimise the time you spend on fulfillment, saving you time and money.

Starshipit's Shopify integration has been built for Shopify and for the leading carriers in Australia and New Zealand. This means faster and more efficient support when carriers have outages and issues, with support one click away and life time training and support for customers.

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