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Understanding the differences between eShip and Starshipit


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Summary: In this article, we break down the differences between eShip and courier management system Starshipit, so you can figure out what’s best for your business.

Across different sectors, eCommerce in New Zealand is fast becoming big business. In fact, the country now has the 46th largest eCommerce market in the world, according to eCommerceDB. This market also grew by 15 percent in 2021.

For retailers shipping products online, a robust system to manage shipping and fulfilment is now more than a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity. eShip from NZ Post has long been an attractive option for NZ retailers, given the attractive set of features and the fact that it’s free.

But there’s another solution that New Zealander retailers may want to consider – especially when the time comes to start using multiple couriers and using software with more flexibility.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between eShip and Starshipit, what’s best for your business and how to get started.

What is eShip?

Launched back in 2014 by NZ Post, eShip is a cloud-based eCommerce shipping service developed in partnership with Starshipit. Why? When NZ Post started to investigate offering a cloud-based service, they recognised that Starshipit was the leader in order fulfilment market.

Here are the key features of eShip:

  • NZ Post shipping options

You can access all NZ Post providers, including CourierPost and Pace.

  • Shipping notifications

Send customers customised shipping notifications over email or text.

  • Reports

Create various shipping reports and export them using popular formats like CSV, PDF and Word.

  • Label printing

Print order labels easily (individually or in bulk).

  • Create pick slips

Create pick slips for open orders and use them to speed up your shipping operations.

  • No cost to sign up

eShip is a free service for NZ post business on-account customers.

Free and friendly five star support is only an email or phone call away.

What is Starshipit?

Starshipit is a cloud-based shipping and fulfilment platform used by retailers in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and beyond.

While eShip only works with NZ Post providers, Starshipit is compatible with over 25 domestic and international couriers. What’s more, new couriers are always being added to the list. Starshipit also enables businesses to add up to 5 other couriers that aren’t on the list of integrations, thanks to the Plain Label feature.

Starshipit also integrates with dozens of other platforms and services, including Shopify, Xero, WooCommerce, Cin7 and more.

But beyond integrations, what are some of the other reasons you’d want to consider Starshipit over eShip – especially if your business is based in New Zealand?

  • Offer customers a choice of courier

Customers want to choose couriers based on their time and price preferences. Starshipit lets retailers offer different options at checkout, including same day, express or international, so your customers can choose the delivery option that suits them best.

  • Shopify integration

Both eShip and Starshipit integrate with Shopify, but Starshipit lets you manage your fulfilment from within Shopify itself, saving you hopping between systems.

  • Use one platform with multiple integrations

Chances are you’ll need to hop between different eCommerce platforms and courier systems to manage orders – especially if you’re shipping overseas. Starshipit lets you use one platform to manage all your orders, across multiple couriers.

  • A platform that grows with you

Starshipit has pricing plans designed to grow with your business, as they scale depending on the number of labels you ship each month. This means that as your business grows, Starshipit will be right there with you to handle your order volumes.

  • Unlimited customer support

Starshipit features unlimited customer support, as well as onboarding and training when you need it. This support is also local too, so you can trust that when you need help with your courier management software, you’ve got friendly, local experts ready to answer your call or email.

  • Managing returns

This can be a costly and time-consuming aspect of the shipping process, with staff needing to devote time to managing the returns process. Starshipit lets retailers set up a dedicated branded returns portal, relieving staff of a significant time administration task.

Should you use eShip or Starshipit?

So which option is best for your business? Well, it depends! eShip is an ideal option if you exclusively use NZ Post, as it’s already set up to work with the different NZ Post shipping providers.

But, if you want to work with multiple couriers and bring your own shipping rates, Starshipit is the way to go.

Do you already use eShip and are now wondering about the benefits of a more powerful piece of courier management software? Starshipit is the way to go. There’s more good news, too – eShip works in largely the same way as Starshipit as it’s built using the same technology.

Summary: Use eShip if you just want to use NZ Post courier providers, and Starshipit if you want to access all shipping providers – including NZ Post.

Wrap up and get in touch

If you’re a retailer based in New Zealand, there’s never been a better time to optimise your shipping process. Now, there are multiple pieces of software that can seriously revolutionise the way you get orders out the door. What’s more, many (like Starshipit) will also grow with your business.

If you’re already using eShip and are thinking about the switch, keep in mind that you won’t need to learn how to use a new system if you switch– simply over to Starshipit and you’ll have access to all the same great eShip features you know and love, plus a whole lot more.

Get in touch with us today to learn more courier management software that can take your shipping operations to the next level.



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