What is DHL “On Demand Delivery”

What is DHL “On Demand Delivery”?


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This blog was last updated on the 21st of June 2022 to include the most up to date information and insights about DHL on-demand delivery.

DHL “On Demand Delivery” is a self-service portal designed to give parcel recipients the ability to choose from a number of flexible delivery options. The portal also enables online retailers to send their customers tracking notifications to keep them updated along the delivery journey.

Keeping track of eCommerce orders has become more of a priority as more people turn to online shopping. Currently there are 3.4 billion online shoppers in the world.

Tracking notifications are also a priority for shoppers as they have come to expect a higher level of customer service as they become accustomed to shopping online. In particular, shoppers expect a certain amount of flexibility and choice around the delivery method they receive, which the portal provides.

To ensure online retailers are able to deliver an excellent post purchase shipping experience, this article will explain the following:

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How does DHL “On Demand Delivery” work?

The self-service portal is used by merchants to send customers shipment alerts during the post purchase journey - from the moment of checkout to when they receive the parcel.

Your customers can use DHL “On Demand Delivery” to choose how, when and where they would like their shipment.

For example, customers can change delivery dates and set preferences, and priorities that best suits them.

Your choice of delivery options

Here are the delivery options customers can choose from.

  • Change delivery date: Customers can change the delivery date of their shipment if the originally scheduled date is not convenient.
  • Signature release: Authorize DHL to leave the shipment without collecting a signature if the customer is absent during the delivery attempt.
  • Leave your signature: Customers can leave a signed authorization form at their front door to authorize DHL to leave their shipment.
  • Leave with neighbour, leasing office or security guard: Customers can authorise DHL to leave their shipment with an immediate neighbour, leasing office or security guard if they are absent.
  • Collect from service point or locker: Customers can choose to collect their shipment at a service point or locker.
  • Alternate address: Customers can authorize DHL to deliver the shipment to a different address (for example, a workplace).
  • Vacation hold: If customers are away on holiday; they can change the delivery date up to 30 calendar days from the originally scheduled date.
How does DHL’s “On Demand Delivery” make international shipping easier?

How does DHL’s “On Demand Delivery” make international shipping easier?

In the on-demand digital economy, shopping online has increased all over the world. Businesses are leveraging this trend as retailers who sell online to more markets stand to make 10-15% more revenue than e-tailers who only sell online, locally. However, there are many factors to consider when sending parcels cross-border.

DHL’s “On Demand Delivery” portal assists online retailers in navigating some of these factors by providing visibility of the entire delivery process. For example, SMS and email notifications of the parcel’s ETA are updated and sent to customers throughout the post-purchase, cross-border journey.

This level of transparency provides reassurance, which makes global online selling and shopping a lot easier for all stakeholders.

4 main benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of the portal for online retailers navigating international shipping:

  • Consolidate shipments for efficiencies: Consolidate multiple shipments for delivery to many locations and improve your company’s shipment process.
  • Streamlined customs clearance: Improve customs clearance processing time by switching from many individual customs entries to a single entry.
  • Streamlined processes reduce costs: Reduce the cost of multiple import and export customs clearance fees, as well as duty and tax management fees.
  • Maintain data privacy: Keep inbound invoices confidential by selecting the Neutral Delivery option.
“On Demand Delivery is more than a customer interface, it’s an enhancement of our global network, as we tailor our last-mile operations to meet the demands of cross-border e-commerce deliveries”
— Charlie Dobbie, DHL Express Executive Vice President
What are the benefits of “On Demand Delivery” for Shoppers_

What are the benefits of “On Demand Delivery” for Shoppers?

  • More control, more trust: Customers are given direct control of their delivery experience to suit their needs.
  • More reassurance, more global shopping: Online retailers who provide customers with control and visibility inspire more trust. This means more global shoppers for global retailers who provide visibility and tracking notifications.

How can I start using DHL “On Demand Delivery”?

You have the choice of registering as a guest user, but if you complete the full registration you will receive additional benefits. For example, registered customers can set all future delivery preferences.

“On Demand Delivery” can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and offers receivers up to six delivery options.

Shippers can also incorporate their own branding into customer notifications.

Online retailers can access these options, by clicking on the “Manage your delivery” link, which is included in the Tracking and Invoice confirmation e-mail that is sent once the order ships.

4 Tips when using DHL “On Demand Delivery”?

For current DHL ODD account holders, visit your account settings to ensure the account is optimised to make the most of the service.

Here are 4 ways to optimize your “On Demand Delivery” service:

  • Are all your ODD delivery options activated?
  • Are delivery notifications mentioned on your website?
  • Do you have a mandatory mobile phone number field at check-out?
  • Are you aware of the option for delivery preferences for your customers?

If you require more information about DHL’s ODD services, speak to your DHL account manager or contact one of the advisors on telephone number 01332 828402 or email gettingstarted@dhl.com.

In summary, as eCommerce continues to increase, DHL “On Demand Delivery” enables online retailers like yourself to provide customers with more flexibility and visibility along the post-purchase journey. This keeps all stakeholders informed of estimated delivery times and ensures a good customer delivery experience.

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