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Summary: Learn about the benefits of using Starshipit and Zapier together to automate common workflows and supercharge your shipping process. If you’re looking for our guide on how to integrate Zapier with Starshipit, you’ll find it in our Support Centre.

Starshipit already helps you deliver more products to more people, saving time and reducing friction across your fulfilment process. With Zapier automation tool, you can connect the other apps you use to Starshipit and automate workflows – all in a way that works for you.

In this article, we’re going to run through exactly what Zapier is, how you can integrate Zapier with Starshipit and some of the exciting ways in which you can use these two tools together. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team.

Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a workflow automation tool, which enables you to connect different apps together – apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, Mailchimp and more. Zapier is as flexible as you can imagine, and you’re able to connect over 4,000 apps to Starshipit.

With Zapier and Starshipit connected, you can create workflows that trigger based on different activities. For example, you could set up a workflow to automatically print shipping labels every time an order comes through.

You don’t need a developer either. Zapier is designed so that you can set up workflows without needing to talk to your IT department.

Starshipit's write-back feature let's you automatically update the order status and tracking number in the source platform.

Zapier + Starshipit: A perfect pairing

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to be a technical expert to take advantage of Zapier. If you already use Starshipit, you can connect Zapier right now and start to save time using automation.

But before you start setting everything up, there are a few terms that are worth understanding. Bear with us!

  • Zap: Automated workflows which connect your apps and services together. Zaps are made up of a trigger and then one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps when the trigger occurs.
  • Trigger: An event that starts a Zap. Once you’ve created a Zap, Zapier monitors for these triggers. Let’s say you want to set up a Zap to send Shopify orders to Starshipit once they’ve been paid. In this case, the trigger is the Shopify order being paid.
  • Action: An event that’s performed when the trigger occurs Using the Shopify example, the action is the paid Shopify order being automatically sent to Starshipit.

You can start to see just how powerful the combination of Zapier and Starshipit is – especially when you can automate tedious workflows that you perform multiple times each day.

“The Zapier integration worked great for us because it helped us automate our shipments from the warehouse, compare pricing of different shipping providers, reduce errors and notify customers of tracking updates. From the technical side, it was very simple. I got most of the information from X-Cart in Starshipit and then used the rules in Starshipit.”

— Siddharth Puri, Group Web Developer at Bickford's Group of Companies.

6 ways you can use Zapier with Starshipit

We’ve created a few different Zapier workflows that you can add to your Starshipit platform right now. Remember – if there’s an app ( you’d like to integrate, chances are it’s supported by Zapier. Here are some of the workflows you can try:

1. Automatically print labels

Setup a trigger and action in Starshipit so that as soon as an order is created in your eCommerce platform, a label gets printed. That way, when you come into your warehouse, you’ll find all your labels printed and ready to be attached to boxes and sent out.

2. Create an order in Starshipit when a new row is added to your spreadsheet

If you’re using a spreadsheet to manage new orders, automate the job of adding orders to Starshipit by using this Zapier workflow.

3. Customise how you push new paid orders from your eCommerce store to Starshipit

Starshipit already imports orders from your eCommerce store automatically, but with Zapier you can customise how the order is pulled through. For example, you may have specific field mapping requirements, or might want to add your own dimensions.

As an example, Starshipit does not automatically convert currencies, so you could use a Zapier integration to provide the order value based on what the customer paid.

4. Add subscribers to Mailchimp lists from new Starshipit shipments

Whether you’re using Mailchimp to manage post-purchase communications or simply wanting to add customers to a marketing email list, you can use this workflow to add customers to different Mailchimp lists.

5. Set up real-time importing from WooCommerce

By default, Starshipit imports orders every 20 minutes for all integrations – including WooCommerce. With Zapier, you can setup an import action that triggers whenever a new order is placed in WooCommerce. This is great if you are dispatching in real time.

6. Email contacts via NiceJob when new orders ship in Starshipit

NiceJob is a great way to automate your social media marketing and improve your standing as a business. You can use this workflow to automatically email customers via NiceJob once a new order ships from Starshipit.

Get started with Zapier and Starshipit

Got a workflow you’re keen to try out? If you’re interested in getting started, here’s everything you’ll need:

Of course, if you’d rather speak to a member of our support team, you can do that here.

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