Starshipit and Online Distribution case study

How Online Distribution became NZ's largest 3PL provider


Written by Starshipit

Online Distribution is a leading New-Zealand based 3PL servicing over 150 clients from multiple warehouses in Christchurch and Auckland.

Clients range from high growth ecommerce start-ups to large scale multi-nationals and span industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, ecommerce, hardware, FMCG.

A clear point of difference is Online’s high-performing team of professionals who understand their clients’ business complexity and drivers to add real value to their client’s logistics and last mile strategies.

“Starshipit has been a fantastic tool which has been easily adopted by our dispatch teams throughout the country, saving us valuable time every day.”
— David Potter, Distribution & Logistics Analyst, Online Distribution

The challenge: managing multiple software solutions

A critical factor for a successful 3PL is understanding the requirements and having the depth of knowledge to manage technologies in a multi-client environment.

When it came to developing and designing their own tech stack, David Potter, Distribution and Logistics Analyst, was at the coalface of the challenge.

“Our business uses a combination of cloud-based software applications for both the warehouse and transport management functions. These products are determined by the method of transport that best suits the client and order dispatch profile. As a result, we engage multiple SAAS vendors.”

The Solution: a multi-courier shipping platform and improved returns process

As the trusted fulfilment partner to over 150 growing businesses, Online Distribution’s team must juggle the requirements of various stakeholders with the demands of error-free last mile delivery expectations. As David explains:

“We found that logging into different courier platforms and manually entering order data was both onerous and error-prone.”

Online Distribution decided to implement Starshipit as a web-based solution, giving their team multi courier integration in one platform while seamlessly integrating with 3PL Central (Online Distribution’s warehouse management system).

Returns are also a crucial part of the customer experience but can be notoriously difficult for ecommerce merchants to manage. In one instance, Starshipit teamed up with Online Distribution and one of their high volume trans-Tasman customers to develop a tailored solution.

An automatically generated returns label included in each outbound order provides for an efficient customer-centric and cost effective returns solution.

“Starshipit’s willingness to develop solutions for our unique client requirements sets them apart. Our accuracy and lead times have been improved through consolidation of multiple courier dispatch systems and standardisation of our shipping and fulfilment processes. As the data is cloud-based, customer response times have been improved.”
— David Potter, Distribution & Logistics Analyst, Online Distribution
Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

Printing: How Starshipit saves time

Online Distribution uses Starshipit to print outbound and return labels via the self-service return generator. The print application for Windows and Mac also saves time by allowing the team to send labels directly to the printer.

The outcome: a strong partnership

Online Distribution is working diligently with their client base and Starshipit to offer more solution-based features like customer notifications, branded tracking pages, profile logins, etc., all of which are designed to improve customer outcomes and strengthen the relationship between Online Distribution and their clients.

“Implementing Starshipit has helped us to innovate and attract new business through a host of “best in class” fulfilment features.”
— Guy Evans, General Manager - Commercial, Online Distribution

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