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How Eat Your Water saves $15k in shipping costs


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Working with a feature-rich online platform like Shopify takes the stress out of setting up a business from scratch.

But as sales and order volumes increase, retailers frequently find that they need to streamline their fulfilment processes to give them more room to scale, become more profitable, and provide better customer service.

That’s exactly what Liam Scanlan, founder and director of independent Aussie surf brand Eat Your Water, found when he overhauled his dispatch processes.

“We were managing our fulfilment straight through Shopify, using a very slow label printing system,” he says. “It was very ‘all over the place’ and we needed to run a lot of tabs at the same time to get a package out the door.
“Dispatch was time-consuming too. On release days especially, we wouldn’t be able to get all of our orders out the door and would often be playing catch-up for a number of days.”

Integrating Starshipit with his Shopify website has transformed his fulfilment.

How Eat Your Water saves $15k in shipping costs

“Since implementing Starshipit, we estimate that we’ll save at least $15,000 on shipping costs alone over the next 12 months. Not only that, we expect to save countless hours packing per week."

"Packing times are down approximately 20-25% for domestic and about 60-75% for international, which means we can focus on other parts of our business. Now we can comfortably ship hundreds of orders in a day, even on our big release days.”

Not only is fulfilment faster, courier timeframes are quicker too.

“Using Starshipit encouraged us to review our couriers too. We can now ship to even more parts of the world, quicker than ever before. It used to take 5-15 days to ship internationally; now it’s down to 1-5 days which is awesome for us and awesome for our customers.”

The usability of Starshipit’s interface makes it easy for Scanlan to enjoy total visibility of his orders at any given stage.

“I love Starshipit’s orders page functionality because all of our orders are laid out really simply. Tracking the progress on orders from when they are placed [in Shopify] all the way to when they are delivered has never been so simple.”

For other retailers looking to streamline their fulfilment, Scanlan suggests taking advantage of Starshipit’s 30-day trial – and not just because it’s free.

“You get awesome assistance during your 30-day free trial, including how to integrate with your other platforms and set up rules to automate your fulfilment,” he says. “And once it’s all up and running you still get that world-class service. You won’t turn back!”

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