Starshipit and Pushys case study

Pushys, an eCommerce success story: Floating through the pack


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Pushys Online is Australia’s leading online bike retailer, selling big-name road, mountain and BMX bikes, scooters and accessories. Pushys offer personalised online shopping and product recommendations, and also sell through marketplaces like eBay and Trademe.

Pushys are known for their excellent product knowledge and have earned a reputation for being approachable, regardless of skill level. In response to the growing interest in outdoor sports, they have also built a large retail outlet, which happens to be the most significant retail floor space in The Australian Capital Territory.

eCommerce wheel-spinning

eCommerce wheel-spinning

For ten years, Pushys has built up an online reputation for being the go-to hub when looking for a range of quality outdoor brands, even sponsoring major athletes. Their blog - named "The Link" profiles athletes, along with the latest product demos and content that demonstrates how the brand has become a valued member of the outdoor sports community.

Combined with their growing success and Covid-19; business increased to the point that made managing order volumes challenging. The team decided it was time to find a fulfilment solution.

How Starshipit helped manage the increase in demand

Damien Woolford, Operations Manager at Pushys, outlines the Starshipit features that have enabled Pushys Online to scale, as more people start to purchase online, “We required assistance communicating with customers to help minimise customer delivery queries and Starshipit’s solution allows us to automate customer notifications from the moment of checkout to delivery.

Another feature that has enabled us to manage increased volumes is Starshipit’s Print Application, which prints shipping labels at high-speed.

Starshipit also integrate with the couriers we already use, Australia Post, CouriersPlease and Startrack, so we can display negotiated courier rates at checkout, which improves the customer’s experience.”

By using their own branded tracking pages, Pushys has reduced delivery queries , as customers are kept up-to-date from the moment of checkout to the moment of delivery. Tracking pages has also enabled Pushys to monetise the post purchase experience.

Centralising workflows with child accounts

Centralising workflows with child accounts

Centralise workflows from different locations using child accounts
With 70 staff members across multilocation fulfilment centres, Pushys have been able to centralise workflows through the use of Starshpit child accounts.

So like Pushys, if you ship from multi-locations that require specific needs, child accounts allow you to manage multilocation shipping all in one place.

What has business been like since using Starshipit?

Pushys implemented a Starshipit Enterprise Plan (for retailers printing 4,000+ labels a month) 18 months ago and the team have improved handling efficiencies by a massive 50%.

“Starshipit, saves Pushys 50% handling by automating & centralising fulfilment workflows”

The results have been a business game-changer and has freed up their staff to focus on new horizons by expanding their export market.

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