Starshipit and Quantium Solutions case study

Automation in eCommerce: Quantium Solutions rolls out Automated Packaging machine with the help of Starshipit


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Quantium Solutions, a market leader in logistics and fulfilment, have invested in a state-of-the-art packaging system. Learn more about their partnership with Starshipit and how this intelligent automated packing machine is powered by Starshipit.

Quantium Solutions and Starshipit integration

Key logistics market leader in Asia Pacific

Quantium Solutions is an established eCommerce logistics and fulfilment service provider in the Asia Pacific Region. Headquartered in Singapore and a subsidiary of Singapore Post, Quantium Solutions operates in 19 markets offering mailing, warehousing and fulfilment services to some of Australia's biggest fashion eCommerce retailers.

A joint venture

Quantium Solutions and Starshipit joined hands in 2018 to offer international delivery options and technological solutions to customers across Asia and Pacific. Quantium Solutions’ customers can use Starshipit to bulk print labels, send automated delivery notifications to customers, set up branded tracking and more. The partnership also allows Starshipit customers to integrate with Quantium Solutions for international delivery and warehouse services across 200 countries, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

“The partnership with Quantium Solutions was a big win for our Australian customers. Our customers benefit from a new range of services including warehousing as well as providing even more flexibility and shipping options.”

— George Plummer, CEO/Founder, Starshipit

State-of-the-art packaging system

Although eCommerce is web-based, there is a lot of manual labour involved. Fulfiling the order requires someone to physically pick, pack and ship the items. To keep up with changing markets and increasing order volumes, Quantium Solutions invested in the CMC CartonWrap and BubbleWrapper machines. The machines developed by the Italian Manufacturer CMC, pack and wrap goods on-demand from a continuous carton.

One of the fastest on the market, the CMC CartonWrap is an automatic carton packaging system that creates dynamic cardboard boxes from a fanfold of corrugated iron. Processing 15 boxes a minute, the machine prints and attaches a shipping invoice and labels the finished box. The CMC BubbleWrapper machine complements the CartonWrap by bagging different sized fashion items and a variety of other products in safe padded or poly materials.

The integrated packing process is powered by Starshipit technology which drives label generation through the machine. As the product moves through the machine to be packed, Starshipit recognises the order, seller account and delivery address. The label is then printed and allocated to the correct order, eliminating human error and saving costly time.

“We offer a full suite of customised fulfilment and delivery solutions, to allow online sellers to focus on growing their business while we take logistics off their hands. The partnership with Starshipit gives us access to a wider customers base so that we can offer our services to more business - be it the small home-based sellers of large enterprises. Our strong physical presence in Asia and around the world means more online sellers can grow their businesses overseas.”

— Per Gustafsson, Country General Manager (ANZ), Quantium Solutions

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