Streamline your shipping with Starshipit Chrome apps

Boost your shipping efficiency and avoid jumping between screens with Starshipit's Chrome apps.

Track orders instantly with our Order Tracker and integrate powerful shipping features directly into popular platforms like Shopify with the Starshipit Sidekick.

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Our apps for Chrome

  • Starshipit Sidekick

    Starshipit Sidekick

    Gain access to Starshipit functionality like label printing from Cin7 Omni, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento2.

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  • Starshipit Order Tracker

    Starshipit Order Tracker

    Use our order tracker chrome extension to lookup Starshipit tracking information from any web page.

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Chrome Apps Starshipit Sidekick

Meet your new shipping assistant: Starshipit Sidekick

Seamlessly integrate Starshipit shipping functionality into your workflow. With one click, bring up details about your orders in a handy side panel and in platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Cin7 Omni and more, ensuring efficient and accurate order management.

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Chrome Apps Starshipit Order Tracker

Effortlessly track Starshipit orders with the Starshipit Order Tracker

Unlock the convenience of tracking shipments with a click using the Starshipit Order Tracker. Access detailed tracking information instantly for any order, enhancing visibility and customer satisfaction.

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Starshipit apps for Chrome - FAQs

How do I install the Starshipit Chrome apps?

Simply follow the installation guides for each Chrome app.

Are the Starshipit extensions free to use?

Yes, both Chrome apps are free to use. You just need a Starshipit account.

Which eCommerce platforms are compatible with Starshipit Sidekick?

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento2 and Cin7 Omni.

Can I use both Starshipit extensions simultaneously?

Yes. You can use and switch between both extensions.

Are there any browser requirements or limitations?

You can use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.