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The shipping app that connects Aramex with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and more.

Aramex is a carrier providing national and international delivery services to Australia and New Zealand.

Starshipit and Aramex Integration

Over 20k retailers use Starshipit to save hours every week on shipping and fulfilment

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Start shipping today

With ready-to-go integrations with all the major platforms (like Shopify, WooCommerce and more), and plug-and-play carrier options, you can sign up and start shipping in just a few easy steps.

  • 1. Import your orders

    1. Import your orders

    Starshipit automatically imports your orders from your eCommerce platform. Then, use smart rules to assign those orders to Aramex.

  • 2. Get the best shipping rates

    2. Get the best shipping rates

    Access plug and play carrier options right from the Starshipit dashboard. Concerned about not meeting carrier volume requirements? Start here.

  • 3. Print your shipping labels

    3. Print your shipping labels

    Automatically print your shipping labels (as well as your other shipping documents), andsync this information back to your eCommerce platform.

Starshipit Integrations

Why Starshipit + Aramex?

Get the best Aramex shipping platform, which supports MyFastway. If you are using Aramex, then integrating with Starshipit will save you time on shipping every week. We can integrate with Shopify, Magento and other eCommerce platforms, as well as inventory management systems like Cin7, Unleashed and DEAR.

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Lower shipping costs

Manage your Aramex shipping rates in a way that works for you

Just getting started? Access discounted Aramex shipping rates and start shipping in minutes. Or bring your own rates directly from Aramex – we’ll never clip the ticket on your shipments.

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Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

The easiest way to print Aramex shipping labels

With just one click, print Aramex shipping labels from your thermal printer or download as a PDF. Using a barcode scanner? Scan the packing slip to automatically print a label.

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Simplified Aramex international shipping

Power your international shipping strategy with Starshipit + Aramex. Our platform automates duties, taxes, returns and more, and lets you generate (and submit) customs documentation.

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Starshipit Branded Tracking and Notifications

Aramex tracking = Sorted

Keep customers in the loop. Create branded tracking pages and automated shipping notifications for each stage of the delivery journey.

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Starshipit: A central shipping dashboard for your omni-channel strategy

Save time and secure your shipping with multi carrier technology

Starshipit integrates with all major carriers, so you can manage all your orders from one dashboard. Never log in to multiple courier platforms ever again, and easily switch carriers when disruptions occur.

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Aramex shipping cost tool: Give your customers choice at checkout

Give your customers a choice of shipping options, including Aramex and other leading carriers, control your checkout shipping rates and create custom checkout rules.

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Over 30 platforms supported

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BigCommerce shipping app
Integrate your eCommerce store with Starshipit

Discover why leading brands use Starshipit for Aramex shipping

Get the shipping automation platform designed to help you cut costs and save on handling time – all from one, easy to use dashboard.

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The following resources contain more information about this integration and how it works, including step instructions on how to get set up.

How to set up Aramex

How to set up live rates at checkout

Aramex shipping – FAQs

What is Aramex shipping

Aramex shipping is an international courier and logistics company. They offer domestic and international shipping services, including a mix of delivery options. Aramex is known for its efficient delivery network and competitive rates, making it a good choice for businesses (and individuals) looking to send items globally.

Is Aramex a good shipping company

Aramex is known for its global presence and competitive rates, making it a popular choice for many individuals and businesses. It's advisable to compare their services with your specific requirements when determining if Aramex is a good fit for your shipping needs.

Does Aramex ship on weekends

While Aramex offers various shipping services, including express and standard options, weekend delivery availability may depend on the chosen service, the destination, and the operational policies in your area.

Does Aramex ship internationally

Yes, Aramex does offer international shipping services. Aramex is a global courier and logistics company that provides international shipping solutions. They have a network of offices and partners in various countries, making international shipping one of their core services.

Starshipit also supports Aramex international shipping tracking.

How long does Aramex shipping take

The duration of Aramex shipping can vary based on several factors, including the specific service chosen, the shipping destination, and any customs or import regulations.

How fast is Aramex shipping

The speed of Aramex shipping can vary depending on the specific service you choose and the destination of your shipment. Check out this Aramex support article for more information.