FedEx shipping made easy

Starshipit connects FedEx with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and more.

FedEx is a courier delivering swift and economical shipping services across the globe. Using Starshipit, you can integrate FedEx Express seamlessly into your tech stack.

Starshipit and FedEx Integration

Over 30k retailers use Starshipit to save hours every week on shipping and fulfilment

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How Starshipit’s integration helps

With Starshipit & FedEx, you can:

  • Speed up fulfilment

    Speed up fulfilment

    Manage your sales channels and FedEx shipping account from one dashboard and set up automations to reduce your manual shipping tasks.

  • Save on shipping costs

    Save on shipping costs

    Start shipping today – even if you don't have a carrier account. BYO FedEx shipping rates with no per label costs.

  • Scale your operations

    Scale your operations

    Use FedEx fast international shipping + Starshipit technology to access new markets and scale your business.

Over 30 platforms and carriers supported

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Start shipping today

With ready-to-go integrations with all the major platforms (like Shopify, WooCommerce and more), and plug-and-play carrier options, you can sign up and start shipping in just a few easy steps.

  • 1. Import your orders

    1. Import your orders

    Starshipit automatically imports your orders from your eCommerce platform.

  • 2. Manage your carriers

    2. Manage your carriers

    Simplify carrier assignments with automation rules, including those tailored for FedEx shipping services.

  • 3. Print your shipping labels

    3. Print your shipping labels

    Automatically print your FedEx shipping labels and other shipping documents.

Starshipit Integrations

Why Starshipit + FedEx?

Starshipit's shipping platform integrates your store with carriers like FedEx and others to automate your fulfilment process.

Our integration with FedEx will save you time on shipping, every week. We also integrate with Shopify, Magento, and other eCommerce platforms, as well as Inventory Management systems like Cin7, Unleashed, and DEAR.

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Starshipit: Your trusted partner for growth

  • Starshipit grows with you

    Starshipit grows with you

    Add new carriers and platforms (WMS, IMS, ESP) as your business expands.

  • Cutting-edge technology

    Cutting-edge technology

    Take advantage of new features and product innovation developed by our experts.

  • Flexible pricing

    Flexible pricing

    Fair plans that scale with you as your order volumes increase.

Free and friendly five star support is only an email or phone call away.

Why Starshipit is different: 5-star customer support

  • Unlimited assistance: Contact our delivery specialists anytime you require support.
  • Personalised setup help: Complimentary onboarding aid for all retailers, guaranteeing an effortless initiation, customised to your business.

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Discover more reasons to use Starshipit with FedEx Express

Read on to learn more about integration with FedEx Express.

Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

Print FedEx shipping labels, packing slips and more

Manage all your FedEx shipping labels and shipping documents from one platform. Generate packing slips, packing summaries and more. Create a FedEx shipping label in seconds and send it to your thermal printer, or download as a PDF.

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The best platform for FedEx international shipping

Streamline your FedEx international shipping with Starshipit. You can automatically generate and submit customs documentation, apply the right HS codes and manage returns.

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Starshipit Branded Tracking and Notifications

FedEx shipping tracking and notifications

Keep your customers in the loop throughout the delivery journey and give them a great post purchase experience. Create branded tracking pages and automated shipping notifications for each stage of the delivery journey for your FedEx orders.

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Display accurate transit times at checkout with Starshipit

FedEx shipping options: Give your customers choice at checkout

Give your customers a choice of shipping options, including FedEx and other leading carriers, control your checkout shipping rates and create custom checkout rules.

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FedEx Australia shipping, simplified

For Australian retailers, Starshipit is the best way to manage FedEx orders. Create shipping rules to assign orders to FedEx interstate shipping, give customers a choice of checkout options, manage returns and more.

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Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Manage your FedEx shipping quotes in a way that works for you

Bring your own FedEx shipping rates with no extra costs per label. We’re all about shipping technology that works for you.

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The following resources contain more information on this integration and how it works, including step-by-step instructions on how to get set up.

How to set up FedEx Express

FedEx shipping – FAQs

Does FedEx do domestic shipping?

Yes, there is a FedEx domestic shipping option with various options for speed and budget.

How to ship with FedEx?

To ship with FedEx, package your item, choose your service, create a shipping label on FedEx's website or at FedEx ship locations, and drop off the package. Or, you can simplify things by generating labels automatically in Starshipit.

What is a shipping exception FedEx?

A shipping exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed in transit due to reasons like weather, customs, or delivery address issues.

How to ship with FedEx Australia?

For FedEx Australia shipping, visit the FedEx website for Australia, select a shipping service, create and print a shipping label, and drop off or schedule a pickup.

How to ship with a FedEx account number?

To ship with a FedEx account number, log into your FedEx account online, enter your account number during the shipping label creation process, and complete the shipment details.

When you’re using Starshipit, you can manage all FedEx orders from Starshipit’s dashboard – along with all other parts of your shipping process.

How to ship using FedEx?

To ship using FedEx, package your item securely, create a shipping label through FedEx's website or in-person, and choose a drop-off or pickup option.

When you use Starshipit to manage your FedEx orders, you can simply generate labels through the Starshipit dashboard.

Does FedEx ship to PO boxes?

FedEx ships to PO boxes in certain locations with specific service restrictions. It's best to check FedEx's website for the most current information.

Does FedEx ship to Australia?

Yes, FedEx offers shipping services to Australia with a range of options for international delivery.

Does FedEx ship on weekends?

FedEx does ship on weekends, offering Saturday delivery with certain services in selected areas.

Does FedEx ship on Sunday?

Yes, FedEx provides Sunday delivery services in select regions for specific shipping types.

When does FedEx charge for shipping?

FedEx charges for shipping at the time of label creation based on package weight, dimensions, destination, and selected service.

How much does FedEx shipping cost?

FedEx shipping costs depend on the service selected, package weight, dimensions, and destination. Use FedEx's rate tool for specific pricing.

Does FedEx ship on Saturday?

FedEx offers Saturday delivery for certain services in some locations.

How to ship FedEx?

To ship with FedEx, create a shipping label on FedEx's website or at a service center, package your item, and choose a drop-off or pickup option.

When you’re using Starshipit, you can manage all FedEx orders from Starshipit’s dashboard – along with all other parts of your shipping process.

Which is faster, DHL or FedEx for international shipping?

Speed varies based on destination and service; DHL and FedEx both offer expedited international shipping services, with speed depending on the service chosen. By using Starshipit, you can let customers choose between both by integrating with more than one carrier service.

Is UPS or FedEx faster for international shipping?

Both UPS and FedEx offer fast international shipping options; the faster service depends on the specific destination and service level selected. If you’re a Starshipit user, you can integrate with both carriers and create rules to allocate to the best carrier option.

Is FedEx or DHL better for international shipping?

There are variety of both DHL and FedEx international shipping options.Both FedEx and DHL are reputable for international shipping; the better choice depends on specific shipping needs, destinations, and cost considerations. Using Starshipit, you can setup automation rules to allocate to the best shipping options depending on location and speed.

How to ship internationally FedEx?

To ship internationally with FedEx, select an international shipping service, complete the necessary customs documentation, and create a shipping label on FedEx's website or at a service center.

You can also manage your international FedEx shipments using Starshipit. Simply generate a label from Starshipit’s dashboard!

How to ship FedEx international?

For FedEx international shipping, select an international service, fill out customs documents, create and attach a shipping label, and drop off the package or schedule a pickup.

How much does FedEx charge for international shipping?

FedEx's charges for international shipping vary based on destination, package size, weight, and service chosen. Use FedEx's online quote tool for specific pricing.

How to create a FedEx shipping label?

To create FedEx shipping labels, use FedEx's online shipping tool or visit a FedEx location, providing package details and destination to generate and print the label.

When you’re using Starshipit, you can manage all FedEx orders from Starshipit’s dashboard – along with all other parts of your shipping process.

How long does FedEx take to ship to Australia?

Shipping times to Australia with FedEx depend on the service chosen and origin location; express services can take 2-4 days, while economy services may take longer.