Zendesk order management with Starshipit

Instantly resolve customers' order enquiries with Starshipit's Zendesk order tracking app. Empower your customer-facing teams with seamless access to order details, enabling better customer experiences.

Zendesk and Starshipit Integration

Over 30k retailers use Starshipit to save hours every week on shipping and fulfilment

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Get started with Starshipit + Zendesk

One of the most common questions customer-facing teams get is “Where’s my package?”. Instead of manually sifting through orders, simply use our Zendesk app to relay order updates to customers in seconds – all from Zendesk chat.

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Starshipit Order Tracker

Discover true Zendesk omnichannel support

Starshipit’s integration with Zendesk allows you to effortlessly handle order queries:

  • Simplify order tracking across systems and web pages.
  • Quickly search for order tracking info in Zendesk.
  • Copy the order number, get the current status and tracking details.
  • Keep customers informed and happy!
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Cut down your ticket response time

Your customers want to know where their orders are. With our app for Zendesk, your agents can instantly bring up order details and update customers in seconds. Your agents will save time, and you’ll create happier customers.

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Get started with your new tool for Zendesk order tracking

Ready to discover how our order tracking app for Zendesk works? We’ve created a handy guide which walks you through the process, step by step. Get started in just a few clicks.

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Get the advanced shipping automation platform designed to help you cut costs and save on handling time. Give your customers a range of shipping options, print shipping labels, easily manage returns and much more.

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Ready to try Starshipit for yourself? Start your free trial today. Best of all, every customer gets free onboarding, training and support – no matter how many orders you ship.

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Over 30 platforms and carriers supported

DHL Express
FedEx shipping
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Zendesk order management with Starshipit – FAQs

Can you explain how to set this app up?

You can integrate Starshipit with Zendesk in minutes. Simply read our support guide, which outlines the different steps.

Can I use this app to track Zendesk Shopify orders?

Yes! You can track any order in Starshipit using our app. Note if you want to access Shopify billing information and other order details, you may want to install the Zendesk Shopify integration.