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8 amazing examples of order tracking + emails


Written by David Renwick

Whenever we buy something online, we want a couple of things to happen right away. One, we want our order as soon as possible, and two, we want an order tracking email letting us know where our order is and when it’s likely to arrive.

The data backs this up: 93% of customers want to be informed and receive proactive updates from retailers about their order.

But this is where so many retailers miss the mark. In many cases, customers are left with a generic email linking to the courier tracking website. There’s no personalisation, additional offers or links to helpful resources. In other words, it’s a missed opportunity!

Just imagine what a good order tracking experience looks like: Instead of closing the email and going on with their day, your customer clicks from a helpful email through to a gorgeous, order tracking page with rich visual shipping indicators, other promotions and offers, a helpful link to your returns policy and more. Then, throughout the delivery process, customers continue to receive useful emails as the order hits different delivery milestones.

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so in this article we’ll show you some of our favourite order tracking experiences and explore what makes them special. But first, some definitions!

Starshipit Branded Tracking and Notifications

What are shipping notifications?

Shipping notifications keep customers informed about the status of their online order at every step of the delivery process.

Typically, they’re an SMS or an email with a tracking number, linking to a more in-depth tracking page. They let you manage customer delivery expectations as well as giving you an opportunity to communicate more with your customers.

Shipping notifications can do a lot to help you build customer loyalty. Providing your customers with the tracking information allows customers to track their shipment, which in turn reduces the number of queries for your customer service team.

What are order tracking pages?

An order tracking page (or eCommerce order tracking page) is a page you can link your customers to from your email and SMS shipping notifications. This lets them access all the delivery information relating to their order in one place. But these pages are also a great marketing tool.

These pages are perfect for post-purchase engagement. You can link social channels, recommended products, return policies, loyalty programs and more.

What should an order tracking page include?
  • Keep your brand at the forefront throughout the post-purchase stage. Include your logos, images, content and more.
  • Order number and tracking number.
  • Link to your social channels, return policy and even other relevant promotions. You may also want to encourage people to sign up for your email list so you can grow your database.
  • Customers can quickly track the status of their order via visual progress indicators, increasing trust in your brand.
  • The carrier of the order. For example, Australia Post, DHL Express or Hermes.

8 amazing examples of order tracking: Emails + order tracking pages

White Fox tracking page

White Fox Boutique – Page

What we love about this order tracking from White Fox Boutique is that it uses visual indicators to show where in the delivery stage the parcel is.

There’s also a helpful log of all shipping events, as well as a returns label feature so customers can easily service their own returns (a big time-saver).

Then, they round it all off with links to social channels, links to other promotions and an on-brand collage of images.

What could be improved

White Fox could make their other promotions more prominent to capture attention.

EveryHuman tracking email

EveryHuman – Email

This order update email from EveryHuman ticks all the right boxes.

They start with some personalisation, letting the customer know by name that their order is on the way.

Below that is an on-brand image, followed by all of the relevant details including the order number, courier, tracking number and tracking URL.

They also let the customer know that another email will soon follow.

What could be improved

EveryHuman could add a returns policy and alter the format of their text to make it easier to digest at a glance.

Flora & Fauna tracking page

Flora & Fauna – Page

Another great example of order tracking from Flora & Fauna. They start with the visual indicators, then feature a rich illustration of a promotion they’re running.

They’ve decided to then place their order details below followed by on-brand social channel icons.

What could be improved

Flora & Fauna could add returns information and give some context on the promotion.

Oz Hair & Beauty tracking email

Oz Hair & Beauty – Email

This Oz Hair & Beauty order tracking page is an absolute winner! It features a beautiful header with their logo and the order status using their brand font.

Then, they’ve got an animated picture showing the delivery outside the front door.

Some personalisation, the order details and helpful contact + social info round out this email.

What could be improved

The narrow column of this email isn't the best use of space, and Oz Hair & Beauty could add some other useful content, such as a promotions or returns link.

Dollcake & Beauty Tracking and Returns

Dollcake – Page

Dollcake clearly understand how to build a great order tracking page! They start with a full-size logo, followed by visual indicators showing the order status.

Then, they use the page space wisely to show off some sale items and a CTA button pushing customers to their website.

As well as the order details, they also include a newsletter sign up box.

What could be improved

Dollcake could explain what readers get by signing up to their newsletter.

SuperPharmacy order tracking email

SuperPharmacy – Email

SuperPharmacy have customised their order delivered email with some on-brand illustrations.

They’ve also used the text field to add some helpful messaging, prompting customers to get in touch if they have any issues.

They then use the rest of the email to include the relevant order details.

What could be improved

SuperPharmacy could add their logo to the top of the email. It's also a little text heavy.

The Fox Tan order tracking email

The Fox Tan – Email

The Fox Tan have created a very concise order update email, using their brand colours and logo to let customers know who the email is coming from.

They’ve also used their own tone and style in the content, keeping it casual (and on brand!) which helps to create a unified experience for customers.

A little “Lots of love” message, followed by social links helps to round things off.

What could be improved

The Fox Tan may want to add some more text, although this isn't exactly necessary given the "update" nature of the email.

Urban Plant Growers – Page

This page from Urban Plant Growers is clear, on-brand and easy to digest.

They include all relevant customer tracking details (including the visual indicators), a community promotion and links to social channels.

What could be improved

Urban Plant Growers may want to add some context to the carrier update section so customers know what they're looking at.

How to easily set up order tracking pages

Creating your own branded tracking emails and pages with a shipping platform (like Starshipit) is simple. That’s because Starshipit features ready-to-go integrations with your eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, and all major couriers.

To get started, you’ll need to enable email notifications in your Starshipit settings. Head over to Settings > Customer Notifications to start (and remember to check which notifications are coming out of your eCommerce platform).

Each email notification includes a tracking URL link that directs customers to your branded tracking page instead of the default courier page. You can customise this tracking page directly from the Starshipit dashboard too. This is where you can add your logos, text, links, promotions and more.

We’ve got a full guide on our support centre.

Try order tracking for yourself and elevate your delivery experience

And that’s a wrap on some of our favourite branded tracking experiences. Why not try creating some for yourself? To get started sign up for a 30-day free trial. Our friendly support team will be more than happy to help you set everything up.

Shipping notifications and order tracking are just some of the many benefits of fulfilment automation, which can add value throughout the fulfilment process.

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