How to guide: Get shipping with plug-and-play carriers

How to guide: Plug and play carriers in Starshipit


Written by David Renwick

Learn how you can access plug and play carrier options right from the Starshipit dashboard and get shipping in just a few clicks. If you're concerned about not meeting carrier volume requirements, this is the best place to start.

When you’re trying to start shipping, the last thing you need are road blocks. You don’t want to be getting into complex negotiations with carriers or working out long-term commitments. Worst of all, you really don’t want to have to wait around for carrier representatives to get back to you!

This is where a plug and play carrier is the best option. These carriers plug directly into Starshipit and you can create an account and start shipping immediately. That’s right – no pesky volume requirements!

In this article, we'll dive into how you can harness the power of plug and play carriers with Starshipit and look at some top options including Australia Post MyPost Business, Sendle, and Aramex MyFastway. Say goodbye to complicated onboarding processes and volume commitments – it's time to supercharge your shipping.

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What are the best plug and play carriers?

If you’re a new business or moving from an aggregator or 3PL, you may not have a carrier account – that’s OK! We’ve got a range of carriers which you can set up in minutes directly from the Starshipit dashboard. You can choose to pay by credit card or go on-account, the choice is yours.

Carrier options for Australian retailers

Australia Post MyPost Business

One of the most popular options for Australian retailers, Australia Post MyPost Business is quite easy to set up and offers several cost-effective delivery options. What makes this option particularly good for retailers is the fact that you don’t need to provide a credit card or commit to a minimum parcel quantity (which is required with many carriers).

MyPost Business also offers a clever savings band feature. Basically, you can access higher savings as you spend more on shipping (and move up the five savings bands). The higher the savings band, the more you can save on domestic and international sending.


Sendle is another great option for Australian retailers. Whether you’re shipping a few parcels or larger volumes, there’s no minimum volumes and no lock-in contracts or hidden fees. They also offer a solution called Ship & Save. This program rewards Sendle users with discounts of up to 55% off when they ship more parcels.

Sendle will also automatically adjust your account level based on your shipping activity within a 4-week cycle. If your business experiences a surge, you'll receive higher discounts the very next day. On the flip side, should your shipping needs slow down, Ship & Save offers a 4-week grace period so you can adjust.

Carrier options for New Zealand retailers


For New Zealand retailers, Aramex is a great plug and play carrier option with some additional benefits well-suited to growing businesses. For example, they offer free packaging and free pick up services. Like MyPost Business and Sendle, they also have no minimum order volume requirements.

How to prepare for long-term shipping success

The plug and play carriers we outlined earlier are a great place to start. But what about when your business starts to take off? There will come a time when you’ll want to bring on other carrier services.

Here are some triggers to look out for which may signal it’s time to bring on additional carriers:

  • Order volumes starting to climb: Starting to see those order numbers tick up, week after week? This is a good sign that it may be time to sit down with a carrier representative and go through the options for your business. Typically, carriers will be happy to negotiate with you and figure out pricing based on your volumes.
  • You want to offer additional delivery options: Whether it’s on-demand delivery options with Uber Direct or an extensive list of delivery options with DHL, integrating with other carriers can expand your offering to customers, which can be great for your business.
  • International expansion: If your business is eyeing international markets or already shipping globally, it might be time to explore carriers with a strong international network. Look for carriers experienced in cross-border shipping, as they can offer competitive rates and reliable delivery services. Hint: Check out Starshipit’s international shipping features too!
  • Specialised needs: As your product offerings diversify, you might need carriers that specialise in handling specific types of goods, such as perishables, dangerous goods, or oversized items. Choosing carriers with expertise in these areas can ensure your shipments are handled with care and compliance.
  • Seasonal fluctuations: If your business experiences seasonal spikes in sales, having a variety of carrier options can help you manage increased shipping volumes efficiently. Some carriers specialize in handling peak seasons effectively.
  • Sustainability initiatives: If sustainability is a priority for your business, explore carriers with green shipping options or carbon-neutral services (like Sendle and DHL). This aligns with growing consumer preferences for eco-friendly choices.

Remember: It’s a good idea to regularly evaluate your carrier options as your business evolves.

Why you should manage your carriers using shipping automation

We’ve looked at some of the different carrier options, and how you might approach your own carrier strategy, but what about the other side of the equation: Shipping solutions?

Typically, eCommerce businesses will use a shipping automation solution to simplify everything to do with shipping. This means printing labels, importing orders, assigning them to carriers and much more.

Let’s set the scene, Sally has just recently started a new online store, selling glass garden ornaments, which she designs and creates herself. She’s got fans of her business all over Australia, from Sydney all the way out to rural Western Australia.

While she’s got access to a number of carriers to service her coastal customers, her rural customers are a bit trickier. That’s why Sally uses Starshipit. She’s integrated Sendle and Australia Post MyPost Business for all her urban deliveries, and she uses a local delivery company for her rural Western Australia deliveries.

Now, all her orders come into Starshipit, and she’s set up shipping rules to assign orders to the right carriers, based on customer location. Sally doesn’t have to lift a finger, and she can trust that her orders will go out with the right carrier!


What to know about shipping solutions and carrier aggregators

Within the world of shipping automation solutions, there are two main types: shipping aggregators and so-called shipping enablers (like Starshipit).

Carrier aggregators

Carrier aggregators are all-in-one shipping solutions that on sell freight. They provide carrier rates from a set list of carriers. This means the aggregator marks up the carrier price for shipping and then “clips the ticket” on each order you ship, which can sometimes result in higher costs.

In practice, this means that while there is less to think about when it comes to shipping, you can only pick from a small selection of carriers and must accept the prices the aggregator provides for you.

Additionally, using aggregator services may mean you miss out on building direct relationships with individual carriers. Having those direct relationships can be valuable if you ever need assistance or want to negotiate better rates directly with carriers.

In summary, here some of the key reasons to avoid aggregators:

  • 📈 Marks up the pricing on carrier rates, then clips the ticket.
  • 🚫 Restricted by the carriers it partners with.
  • 🏷️ Ranks carriers in order of price, not reputation

Carrier enablers (Starshipit)

Carrier enablers are shipping solutions where you can integrate with any carrier you like and use your own carrier rates. This means you can use plug and play carriers (like we’ve outlined in this article), as well as integrating your own carriers using the more traditional negotiation process. Basically, you have full control over your shipping costs.

Carrier enablers also have relationships with carriers which you can use to your advantage. In many cases, enablers can send you directly to a carrier rep to start the negotiation process, instead of going in blind.

Next steps

And that’s a look at the world of plug and play carriers, seamlessly accessible from the Starshipit dashboard, offering shipping in just a few clicks.

If you’re worried about meeting carrier volume requirements, these carriers are the best starting point.

Key takeaways:

  • 🚚 Plug and play carriers, like Australia Post MyPost Business, Sendle, and Aramex MyFastway, enable instant setup and shipping, with no pesky volume requirements to hinder your progress.
  • 🍂 As your business grows, consider triggers like climbing order volumes, the need for additional delivery options, international expansion, specialized shipping requirements, seasonal fluctuations, and sustainability initiatives. These cues can guide you toward integrating more carriers into your strategy, ensuring your shipping options evolve with your business.
  • 🤝 While exploring carrier options, don't forget the importance of shipping solutions. Carrier enablers, such as Starshipit, offer you the flexibility to integrate any carrier of your choice, use your own carrier rates, and even connect with carrier representatives for better negotiations. This approach grants you full control over your shipping costs and allows you to build valuable relationships with carriers.

In the fast-paced eCommerce landscape, adaptability and efficiency are key to success. By harnessing the potential of plug and play carriers and leveraging the right shipping solutions, you can supercharge your shipping operations, delight your customers, and lay the foundation for long-term shipping success.


What are plug and play carrier options?

Plug and play carriers are services you can set up directly from Starshipit. No complicated sign-up processes, no waiting for customer service teams to get back to you. Just start shipping in minutes.

How does Starshipit make money?

We focus on the technology, not clipping the ticket on your shipping labels. That means you’re in control of your shipping costs.

What payment options are available for using carrier services?

Our carrier partners have a range of payment options available, including pay by credit card and the ability to go on-account.

Are there any minimum parcel requirements or order quantities?

It depends on the carrier, but MyPost Business, for example, has no minimum or maximum shipping criteria. This is a great option for new businesses.

How do I integrate these carrier options with my eCommerce platform?

You can integrate all of these carrier services with whichever eCommerce platform you’re currently using. Simply link your carrier and platform to Starshipit and you can start shipping.

Can I switch carrier options if my needs change over time?

Yes! You’re never locked into a carrier with Starshipit. You can add (and remove) carriers whenever you like.

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