Product Update August 2023

Product update: August 2023


Written by David Renwick

Welcome back to another product update. Things move quickly here at Starshipit, and with August well underway we’ve got a lot to share with you.

To start, we’ve made some serious productivity improvements to our new dashboard, UI 2.0, making it the easiest way to use Starshipit. If you want to take it for a spin, just click “Switch to UI 2.0” in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard. Our team has also been hard at work on much-requested features, like the ability to add custom rates to plain labels and an order tracker you can add to Zendesk right now. There’s a lot more, but before we get into it...

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Print shipping labels with ease with Starshipit

New features

Discover what's new in Starshipit, including an order tracker app for Zendesk and better support for non-integrated carriers.

Order tracker app for Zendesk

One of the most common questions customer-facing teams get is “Where’s my package?”. Now, instead of manually sifting through orders, you can now use our Zendesk app to find order updates and relay these to customers in seconds – all from Zendesk chat.

This is a great tool for your customer services teams, allowing them to quickly respond to order queries which leads to happier customers!

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Fulfil orders faster with new order email notifications

Send email notifications to a dedicated email address (or addresses!) when new orders are imported to your Starshipit account, enabling you to fulfill orders quicker and keep your customers happy!

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Effortlessly manage accounts with child account search

We've added a search function to the child account settings page so you can find, edit and override your child accounts faster. This is particularly helpful for those who have a large network of child accounts.

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Better support for non-integrated carriers

Load rates for non-integrated couriers (Plain labels)

Plain labels in Starshipit offer an easy solution for handling orders that don't require a specific courier service or if you don’t have a courier service account. With this update, you can now load rates for plain labels in Starshipit, allowing you to easily compare your non-integrated plain-label shipments with your integrated couriers.

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Generate commercial invoices for Plain label couriers

We now support generating commercial invoices with Plain label couriers, which makes it easier to ship internationally with non-integrated couriers.

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Starshipit dashboard with courier costs

UI 2.0 updates

Last year, we launched our new dashboard, UI 2.0, for all Starshipit customers. Since then, we’ve been hard at work adding new functionality to make the most efficient way to use Starshipit. This work is ongoing – but today we’ve got several new changes which will save you even more time each week.

Easily move between orders with next and previous buttons

Moving between orders just got easier! We’ve added “Next” and “Previous” buttons to the top-right of the Order details screen so you can quickly move between orders without needing to return to the Orders grid. And yes, if you've filtered or sorted the Orders grid, moving between orders with these buttons will also take that into consideration.

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Easily navigate Starshipit settings

If you’ve been into Starshipit recently, chances are you’ve noticed the new settings layout. We've split the menu items into categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for at a glance.

Edit more information directly from the Orders grid

We've enhanced five columns in the “New” tab of the Orders grid so that you can make more edits without having to open each order individually.

You can now edit the following from within the Orders grid:

  • Customer/receiver address
  • Item(s) and item information
  • SKU(s)
  • Carrier product options (i.e. ATL/Signature required)
  • Packaging dimensions
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Add optional columns to the Orders grid

We've added a range of new optional columns to the Orders grid to give you more information about your orders at a glance, saving you from having to open each order individually.

You can now add the following columns to the Orders grid:

  • Company name: The receivers company name
  • SKU(s): SKUs for items ordered and their quantities
  • Item total: The total value of the item(s) ordered (excluding shipping)
  • Reference: The reference number for the order
  • Order date: Can now be added to the printed and shipped tabs
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Print and move to the next order with one click

We've added a 'Print and next' button to the Order details page to allow users to print the label of the open order and move on to the next order in just one click.

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Helpful person sitting on shipping boxes

Packing slip updates

We've made a few changes to the way we manage packing slips, which should make your picking faster and reduce waste.

Print packing slip with label

We've updated our "Print Packing Slip with Label" functionality to support a single packing slip per order, in addition to per package. This change helps to reduce waste and eliminate duplicate content or versions of packing slips.

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Match the items on your packing slips to the location in your warehouse

You can now apply 'Sort Order' to your packing slip and packing summary. This is useful as it gives you the ability to sort the items on your packing slip to match how you store your items in your warehouse, making picking faster.

For example, if you store products along the wall by SKU then ordering by SKU on your packing slip means you can pick faster.

Read the Canny post

Print multiple orders on a single packing slip

For convenience and to save paper you can now print multiple orders on a single packing slip.

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Starshipit Integrations

Carrier updates

See what's new with our carrier integrations, including updates to Uber and Aramex.

Uber: Starshipit now supports sending shipments with Uber in New Zealand

The Uber integration allows you to leverage the Uber platform to provide on demand delivery services to your customers. This integration supports live rates in app, generating a real-time tracking link and booking in a driver for pickup. Now available in New Zealand!

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Returns with Aramex

Returns with Aramex are now supported for MyFastway accounts. Returns are supported for domestic shipments within New Zealand and Australia.

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Require a signature with UPS

You can now enhance UPS delivery security by requesting a recipient's signature upon arrival. There are two ways to enable this in Starshipit:

Automatically assign with the rule action as "Signature Required = True."

Tick the Signature Required box in the order details.

This information will be transmitted to UPS, prompting their delivery drivers to request a signature. Please note that not all UPS services support this feature. If unsure, consult your UPS account manager.

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Satchel services with PBT

Starshipit now supports PBT Satchel services. If you want to learn about PBT and Starshipit, check out our support guide.

Read the guide

Set up Additional Parties Address for DHL Express shipments

Starshipit has extended support for Additional Parties (Sold to) addresses and types for DHL Express shipments.

Previously, you could set a sold to address and tax numbers for customs. This was set as the 'buyer' for your DHL Express shipments. You can now set your Additional Party type to buyer, seller, exporter or importer. This is a great way to determine who’s responsible for duties and taxes.

Read the Canny post

Integration updates

Zapier: Differing sender addresses, reprint labels and more

We've made some new enhancements to our Zapier integration:

  • Choose to reprint or create a new label with the Print action. 🖨️
  • Enjoy greater control over sender details with sender fields in the Update Order action. 💌
  • Easily manage partial shipments with the quantity to ship field in the Update Order action. 📦
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Wrap up

And that’s it for the August product update. Remember: If you want to stay up to date with every new feature announcement as they happen, check out our Canny changelog. This is also the best place to give us feedback on features, and to make requests!

For guidance, tips and tricks, we've also got our knowledge base and YouTube channel which are packed with helpful content.

Until next time, happy shipping from all of us here at Starshipit.

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