UI 2.0_ A new look for the Starshipit app

UI 2.0: A new look for the Starshipit app


Written by David Renwick

Every day, thousands of people depend on Starshipit to manage shipping and fulfilment operations, whether for their own small businesses or as part of large, multi-national retailers. For all these people, efficiency, reliability and great customer experiences are always top of mind.

At Starshipit, we’re constantly monitoring feedback and testing new features to ensure that our platform is the best fulfilment automation solution available. Today, we’re excited to officially take the wraps off our biggest change to date: User Interface 2.0 or UI 2.0.

What is Starshipit UI 2.0

What is UI 2.0?

UI 2.0 is the next evolution of Starshipit. We’ve built new functionality into the Starshipit platform which will make your shipping and fulfilment more efficient.

Regular users of the Starshipit platform will notice that most pages now look a little different. Rest assured – we havent taken anything away, we've just improved key areas to save you precious clicks.

Why did we make this change?

Ever since we first launched Starshipit, we’ve been updating and refining our platform. With UI 2.0, we needed to make a bigger change, to introduce a host of accessibility improvements and to lay a foundation for our own teams to deliver updates more frequently.

This foundation is important. Given how much functionality we’ve now built into the Starshipit platform, it’s important that we’re able to continue to build on what’s already there without sacrificing speed. You’ll notice when using UI 2.0 that it’s more responsive while at the same time allowing you to do so much more.

Key feature overview

Here’s an overview of the primary new features:

Direct edits from the orders grid

You can now update packages, change carriers and more, all from the orders grid. This saves you having to jump between different screens and generally adds another layer of efficiency to your shipping operations.

Surfacing more data

You’ll notice when working your way through the Starshipit platform that we’re now surfacing much more data at a high level. For example, you will now see shipping quotes in the orders grid, so you'll no longer need to open individual orders to see quotes. You will also see tax details within each order.

Analytics dashboard

We’re adding new analytics functionality to Starshipit, starting with a shipping performance dashboard to measure DIFOT (Delivery in full, on time). Keep up to date on analytics here, or book an appointment with our customer success team to learn more.

Starshipit UI 2.0 tags

Feature highlight: Tags

Add customised labels to your orders, making it easier to identify important details about different orders. For example, you might add “high priority”, “fragile”, “pre-order” or “out of stock” tags.

Tags are a great way to communicate instructions to fulfillment staff. Note: The tags feature is only available on our Starter Plus and above plans.

Other changes

We’ve designed UI 2.0 to be a largely seamless replacement for the previous version of the UI, meaning you should have no trouble getting up and running.

With that in mind, we have made a few tweaks to existing functionality to better setup the UI for further changes, and to accommodate additional features.

Here are some of the main changes, but we’ve also put together a support doc which contains more detail.

Printing from the orders grid

We’ve moved the menu options for printing from the menu in the top right to the top of the page. You can also select print directly from orders grid.

Searching for an order

We’ve replaced the main menu search with a global search function, which you can access from the top right search bar.


You can now see quotes directly alongside orders in the orders grid, instead of needing to open individual orders.

New action menu

We’ve consolidated the ‘Print’ and ‘Actions’ menus into a single menu which appears after selecting an order from the order grid.Reports

Select “Reports” from the navigation bar, then “Generate report”. Fill out the report details as usual and then generate.


We’ve added a dedicated returns tab to the menu, making it easier to manage the entire returns process. We’ve also adjusted the returns page to include more information.

Print multiple carriers

You can now bulk print your orders at the same time, even if they’re assigned to multiple carriers.

Looking ahead

So that’s UI 2.0. There’s a lot that’s new about this next step for the Starshipit platform, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. You can access it right now by clicking “Switch to the new UI” in the bottom left menu of the Starshipit app.

Here are some other resources that you might find useful:

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team.

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