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Product update: December 2023


Written by David Renwick

And just like that, 2023 has nearly come to a close. What a year! We hope this peak season has rewarded you with many parcels whisking their way out of your warehouse (or store) doors, and you can take a well-deserved break over the holidays.

But before you hang up your hat for the year, we’d love to share some of what we’ve been working on here at Starshipit. So, grab your coffee (or tea) and settle in to learn what's new.

Check out the video update for a quick overview, and as always, let us know if there are any features on your Christmas wish list!

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Get a quick overview of some of the top new features in the December product update.


What’s new in Starshipit

Improved collapsed views (UI 2.0)

The collapsed views in the order details page now display more information at a glance. This means you'll only need to expand the Item(s), Packaging, and Carrier sections when you need to make changes to an order. The columns displayed in the Item(s) section are based on the columns you have selected in the expanded view.

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Expanded grid view (UI 2.0)

The expanded grid view is a new way to view your orders. This view displays each item, SKU, and bin location on a new line, allowing for easy viewing of up to 5 items per order.

This view is a great way to speed up your picking and packing process. Instead of needing to open each order individually, you can view key details from the orders grid.

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Easily identify packed orders (UI 2.0)

We have added a new way to identify when you’ve printed a packing slip for an order. Now, when you print a packing slip, the tag ‘Packing slip printed’ will be automatically applied to your order making it easier to identify packed orders from the orders grid.

This also makes it easy to retrieve packed orders and print the labels.

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Scan to select carrier products

Earlier in the year we made some updates to our Quick Print page to streamline your fulfillment process. The page has changed from Quick Print to Workflows, and we've changed the terminology of the options from "Print order" to "Scan and print" and "Open order details" to "Scan and open".

You can now also 'Scan to select' carrier products alongside package selection and order printing. This means you don’t need to scroll through all of your carrier products and can instead simply use your barcode scanner to select the right carrier products for your orders. It’s faster and more accurate than manually selecting them.

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Restrict user access through IP authentication

We've introduced advanced security measures with IP authentication, enabling you to restrict access to customer details and the platform solely to approved IP addresses.

This feature lets parent accounts control access by setting IP restrictions for each user account. This means users can only log in from specific IP addresses, making the platform more secure and enhancing the protection of customer data.

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Updates to the ‘Package Sent’ report

We've added new details to the 'Package Sent' report, including item SKUs, Incoterms, Order Value, Number of packages, and Package Names.

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What’s new: Carriers

New carrier: Amazon Shipping (UK)

You can now use Amazon Shipping in the United Kingdom (UK) with Starshipit. Our integration allows you to ship non-Amazon orders using Amazon Shipping services for domestic shipments within the United Kingdom.

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New delivery flags for Rendr

Starshipit now supports special delivery flags for tobacco and alcohol shipments through Rendr. This enhancement means you can apply the Tobacco or Alcohol special delivery flags on a per-shipment basis or automatically across all Rendr orders.

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New carrier: Australia Post Postage Paid

Do you send regular quantities of mail? Good news! You can now set up Australia Post Postage Paid service as a carrier in Starshipit. Australia Post Mail labels come with a postage paid imprint, which can be used as an alternative to postage stamps or a postage meter.

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DPD live tracking enhancements

We've updated our support for DPD Local UK and DPD UK. You can now pull in live tracking updates directly in Starshipit automatically. This means you can view all tracking events for orders in one place and send updates for every transit status.

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Support for UPS REST API

We've introduced support for the latest UPS REST API, complemented by robust OAuth 2.0 authentication. This means setting up is now much easier. Check out our guide which covers how you can migrate over.

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What’s new: Integrations, platforms and apps

Access Zapier Zaps easier from the Starshipit UI

Looking to automate a task that isn't readily available in Starshipit? Good news! The Zapier integration is now directly accessible within your Starshipit account. Even better, Zapier's most popular templates are embedded directly in Starshipit, meaning you can get going straight away.

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Enhance your order processing with NetSuite's Item Fulfillments

We've added Item Fulfilments as a supported import type to offer you greater flexibility in how you fulfill orders. These fulfillments not only optimise pick-and-pack operations but also simplify the management of multiple fulfillments within your system.

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Rates at checkout for Wix

Do you use Wix? Good news! We now support live rates at Wix checkout! This enables Wix checkout users to show real-time shipping rates to customers before they complete their order.

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Wrap up

And that’s a wrap on the final product update for 2023! As always, if you’d like to stay up to date with each new feature as it releases, head over to our changelog. All the best for the end of the year, and see you in 2024!

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