Starshipit and PetPA case study

How Your PetPA uses shipping automation to optimise fulfilment


Written by David Renwick

In a nutshell

  • Manages 1000s of orders from one dashboard.

  • Uses custom rules to automate repeatable tasks.

  • Optimises the checkout experience to increase repeat purchases.

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About this case study

Discover how pet product retailer Your PetPA uses Starshipit to automate their shipping and fulfilment and manage multiple couriers, all while saving time on every order and creating happier customers – and pets!

Then, learn how the team further optimises their shipping using Starshipit’s checkout rates feature.


Online retailer Your PetPA offers affordable pet pharmacy medications and quality pet care products to both New Zealand and Australia. Running a shipping operation in two countries is never easy, which is why the right tools have a big part to play.

This is why the team turned to Starshipit to manage their shipping and fulfilment. They can:

  • Easily add and remove couriers as needed.
  • Create custom automations with the built-in rules engine.
  • Optimise their checkout experience for rule for checkout rates.

The challenge

With Your PetPA, it’s all in the name. Instead of being just another online retailer selling products through a Shopify store, they pride themselves on having an expert team of veterinarians and animal behavioural professionals to support their customers (and their furry friends) throughout their life. This means owners can rest easy knowing they’re buying the right products for their pets.

But shipping can be a challenge for all businesses, especially when a business prides itself on the customer experience. How can you be expected to run a growing company while at the same time mastering something as complicated as shipping?

This is why Your PetPA turned to shipping automation.

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The solution

With Starshipit in place, the team at Your PetPA can focus less on shipping admin and more on what they do best – providing top-quality service and products to pets and their owners.

Beyond giving the team an easy way to manage all of their orders, here are some of the other ways Starshipit helps Your PetPA to eliminate repeatable manual processes and get more orders out to customers.

Managing a multi-courier strategy

Using multiple couriers is the safest and most cost-effective way to operate shipping. By using Starshipit, Your PetPA could easily plug their different couriers directly into Starshipit using ready-to-go integrations. They can also add and remove couriers as required.

To save time on each order, the team uses rules to assign the right courier to each order (based on factors like price, delivery location and speed), but more on that below.

What’s more, instead of needing to hop between different courier portals, cutting and pasting tracking numbers, Your PetPA can manage different courier services from one dashboard.

Use Starshipit smart rules to automate the dispatch process

Using rules to reduce admin

Shipping rules streamline the fulfilment process, allowing Your PetPA to eliminate a lot of manual admin – and room for human error. Rules also let the team set up their shipping operation in a way that works for them.

Here are some of the rules YourPet PA uses:

  • Assign specific courier and product codes – Instead of manually assigning each order to a courier, Your PetPA has created rules to assign orders to couriers of their choosing.
  • Set Authority To Leave = False – By using this rule, Your PetPA can prevent orders from being delivered without a signature.
  • Select cheapest carrier/service for free shipping – Whenever an order qualifies for free shipping, it gets assigned to the most cost-effective courier.

Optimising the checkout experience

Using Starshipit's checkout rates feature, the team at Your PetPA now has full control over the shipping rates which display to customers at checkout, and can easily add margins for specific courier products.

The checkout rates features helps them tailor their checkout experience, increasing repeat purchases while decreasing shipping costs.

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The result

Now that they’re using Starshipit to manage their shipping and fulfilment, the team at Your PetPA has freed up time to focus on their core mission: providing top-quality service and products to pets and their owners.

By implementing a multi-courier strategy, using shipping rules to reduce administrative tasks, and taking advantage of the checkout rates feature, Your PetPA has not only saved time on each order but also created a more satisfying customer experience.

As a result, Your PetPA can easily maintain its reputation for expert veterinary support and high-quality pet care products in both New Zealand and Australia.

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