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Streamline your Shopify Plus order fulfilment and save on shipping costs with Starshipit.

Shopify Plus is the world’s leading multi-channel eCommerce platform, powering millions of businesses across the globe.

Starshipit and Shopify Plus Integration

Over 20k retailers use Starshipit to save hours every week on shipping and fulfilment

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How Starshipit’s integration helps

With Starshipit & Shopify Plus, you can:

  • Speed up fulfilment

    Speed up fulfilment

    Manage your sales channels and carriers from one dashboard and use automations to reduce admin.

  • Save on shipping costs

    Save on shipping costs

    We don’t charge you any additional fees per label on top of your monthly plan costs.

  • Scale your operations

    Scale your operations

    Use Starshipit technology to access new markets and scale your business.

Over 30 platforms and carriers supported

 DHL eCommerce
Australia Post
Sendle shipping
FedEx shipping
Klaviyo shipping integration

Start shipping today

With ready-to-go integrations with all the major platforms (like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more), and plug-and-play carrier options, you can sign up and start shipping in just a few easy steps.

  • 1. Import your orders

    1. Import your orders

    Starshipit automatically imports your orders from your eCommerce platform.

  • 2. Manage your carriers

    2. Manage your carriers

    Simplify carrier assignments with smart automation rules.

  • 3. Print your shipping labels

    3. Print your shipping labels

    Automatically print your shipping labels and other shipping documents.

Starshipit Integrations

Why retailers love Starshipit for Shopify Plus shipping

Discover why we’re one of the highest-rated shipping apps on the Shopify App Store. Use Starshipit to get live rates at checkout, print shipping labels, send shipping notifications and manage returns.

Starshipit: Your trusted partner for growth

  • Starshipit grows with you

    Starshipit grows with you

    Add new carriers and platforms (WMS, IMS, ESP) as your business expands.

  • Cutting-edge technology

    Cutting-edge technology

    Take advantage of new features and product innovation developed by our experts.

  • Flexible pricing

    Flexible pricing

    Fair plans that scale with you as your order volumes increase.

Free and friendly five star support is only an email or phone call away.

Why Starshipit is different: 5-star customer support

  • Unlimited assistance: Contact our delivery specialists anytime you require support.
  • Personalised setup help: Complimentary onboarding aid for all retailers, guaranteeing an effortless initiation, customised to your business.
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Discover more reasons to use Starshipit with Shopify Plus

Read on to learn more about integration with Shopify Plus.

Lower shipping costs

The best platform for Shopify Plus shipping rates

Bring your own carrier rates without any additional shipment fees. Don't have a carrier account? No problem. We can connect you with carriers to obtain more competitive shipping rates directly. Or choose from our plug-and-play services.

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Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Integrate with all major carriers

Access ready-to-go integrations with all major carriers, then pick and choose to find the most cost-effective shipping options. Easily integrate Shopify Plus with DHL Express, FedEx, Australia Post, NZ Post, Royal Mail,and many more.

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Your toolbox for frictionless international shipping

Starshipit makes international Shopify Plus shipping easy. Integrate with international carriers, automate your customs documentation and use our product catalogue to automatically apply the right HS codes to products. Use shipping rules to assign orders to the best international carriers, without lifting a finger.

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Starshipit Branded Tracking and Notifications

Branded tracking pages and shipping notifications

Take your Shopify Plus shippingto the next level with branded tracking pages and automated shipping notifications you can send your customers, for each stage of the delivery journey.

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Shopify Plus shipping checkout customisation

Make your brand more competitive and give your customers a choice of shipping options, control your checkout shipping rates and create custom checkout rules. All from one dashboard.

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Ship from store

A seamless omnichannel solution to let you ship from store

Grow your business faster with a strategy, powered by award-winning technology. Learn more about how Starshipit’s ship from store solutions, along with carrier and technology partners, can keep your freight costs down, improve inventory turnover and increase your delivery speed. Most importantly, offer competitive delivery timelines for your customers living near physical stores.

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The following resources contain more information on this integration and how it works, including step-by-step instructions on how to get set up.

How to integrate Starshipit and Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus shipping – FAQs

What is Shopify Plus, and how does its shipping process differ from standard Shopify?

Shopify Plus offers more advanced shipping options, including a more customisable checkout (checkout extensibility) and better integration with third-party logistics services.

How do I set up advanced shipping rules in Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus offers the ability to set up advanced shipping rules, but you can also access a number of other rules and capabilities when you use Starshipit. Learn more about Starshipit rules.

Can Shopify Plus integrate with third-party shipping carriers, and if so, how?

Shopify Plus integrates with major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL through built-in settings or third-party apps with additional functionality (like Starshipit). Using Starshipit means you can integrate any carrier you like, and you get much more control over your shipping settings.

What are the options for international shipping in Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus supports international shipping with options for currency conversion and duty and tax calculations. When paired with Starshipit, you can handle your customs documentation, HS codes and more from one app.

How can I automate shipping processes in Shopify Plus?

The best way to automate shipping processes in Shopify Plus is to use a third-party shipping app like Starshipit, which enables you to automate tasks like label printing, shipping notifications, and returns.

What kind of support does Shopify Plus offer for shipping-related issues?

Shopify Plus offers dedicated support for shipping queries, including access to a Merchant Success Manager and 24/7 priority support.

Can I customise the checkout experience to offer various shipping options in Shopify Plus?

One of the primary features of Shopify Plus is the ability to make further adjustments to the checkout page design. For example, you can add extra fields so customers can include specific requests or details.

Starshipit also enables you to customise your checkout. You can display different delivery options and shipping speeds at checkout so your customers choose what works for them. E.g. offer options like standard, same day, high speed delivery, overnight, weekend and click & collect – and then display different shipping rates for each.

How does Shopify Plus handle shipping for large volumes of orders?

Using Shopify Plus with Starshipit and major carriers is the best way to handle large volumes of orders. Here’s how it works: Your orders come into Shopify Plus, and are then automatically sent across to Starshipit. Starshipit then assigns the orders to carriers based on rules you set.

Are there any specific apps or integrations recommended for enhancing shipping on Shopify Plus?

Starshipit is one of the best apps for enhancing shipping functionalities in Shopify Plus, offering features like bulk label printing and rate comparisons.