Product Update Jun 2023

Product update: June 2023


Written by David Renwick

Welcome back to another Starshipit product update. We’ve been busy over the past couple of months, so this update is packed to the gills! You may want to grab a coffee or tea before reading this one.

Highlights of this update include Packing Validation, which can help you streamline your packing process (and avoid sending out incorrect orders) and the Product Catalogue, which lets you store your products in one centralised hub.

We'll also cover the various updates we've made to our carrier and platform integrations, all in the name of helping you deliver better shipping experiences. So, let's get started and see what’s new in Starshipit.

Starshipit dashboard with courier costs

New features

Discover what's new in the Starshipit app, including support for USB scales, updates to the orders grid and improvements to help you work faster and smarter.

Product Catalogue

Use the Product Catalogue to store all your products in one centralised hub. The Product Catalogue seamlessly integrates with the orders in your eCommerce system, automatically populating those orders in Starshipit with accurate product information.

With this feature, you can avoid the hassle of manually updating orders when important product details are missing. You’ll save valuable time and eliminate errors, ensuring a smoother and more efficient order fulfillment process.


Introducing Workflows

We've made some updates to our Quick Print page to streamline your fulfillment process.

The page has changed from Quick Print to Workflows, and we've changed the terminology of the options from "Print order" to "Scan and print" and "Open order details" to "Scan and open".

In addition to these changes, Workflows now comes with two new features: Packing Validation and Scan Barcodes to Select Packaging (more on these below).

Packing Validation

You can use Packing Validation to quickly scan product barcodes and check the product belongs in the order, which helps to reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction. By reducing packing errors you'll save money by not sending out incorrect orders, reduce your customer service enquiries, cut down on returns and create happier customers.


Select packaging easily with a barcode scanner

Using a barcode scanner to select packages for your orders is faster and more accurate than manually selecting them. You can simply scan a barcode for each package on your order, and the correct package will be updated automatically.

Automate your reports

Save time, provide timely insights, and easily distribute insights to relevant parties by sending reports directly to their email with Scheduled Reporting. Check out the link below for how to get started.

Starshipit Order Tracker for Zendesk

Effortlessly handle "Where's My Order?" inquiries with our Zendesk plugin. You can:

  • Simplify order tracking across systems and web pages.
  • Quickly search for order tracking info in Zendesk.
  • Copy the order number, get the current status and tracking details.
  • Keep customers informed and happy!

Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Carrier updates

See what's new with our carrier integrations, including updates to DHL Express, Border Express, Royal Mail and Sendle.

Pack easier with SKUs on labels

Print SKUs on your shipping labels so you can fulfill your orders more efficiently without the need for separate packing slips. We've added this feature to more couriers to streamline your shipping process.

DHL Express alternative account to charge duties and taxes

Easily charge your duties and taxes to an alternative DHL Express account when using Starshipit.

Include Border Express residential surcharges in your rates

Starshipit now supports including the residential surcharge to your Border Express rates. The residential surcharge can be enabled as a default setting in your Starshipit account. Enabling this setting will apply the residential surcharge to all of your Border Express rates.

You can now also book a pickup using Border Express.

Royal Mail: Carrier notification support

We've added support for triggering Royal Mails email and SMS notifications. When you print your orders from here, this will notify Royal Mail that they should send a notification.

Sendle: Barcode and Pickup instructions


Sendle has the option to submit the courier labels barcode back to Starshipit (instead of just the Sendle tracking number). If this is enabled by Sendle on your account, this will also now be visible in Starshipit in the barcodes field.

Pickup instructions

If you have specific instructions that you would like to be sent to the courier driver for picking up your packages you can configure this in Starshipit.


Integration updates

See what's new with our integrations, including Shopify and Magento 2.

Shopify: Customer shipping notification support

Starshipit now supports shipment transit status updates to Shopify. This enables you to keep your customers informed about their shipment transit status via Shopify notifications, for all the shipments created through the Starshipit app.

Native support for Magento 2 Bundles

Starshipit now features native support for Magento 2 Bundles. This means you can now import your customised, bundled products from Magento 2 into Starshipit. You can view your bundled items on the Customised Packing Slip.


And that’s a wrap! We told you it was a big update! Remember: Subscribe to our Canny page to get our updates as we release them and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for helpful tips and in-depth walkthroughs.

If you’d like to chat with one of our shipping experts to learn more about any of these new features, we're only a phone call (or email) away.

Happy shipping!

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David Renwick

David Renwick

David is Starshipit's Product Marketing Lead. When he's not whipping up a fresh new product update or chatting to customers for an exciting case study, you'll typically find him scoping out coffee spots and talking about what's on at the movies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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