Product update: Q4 2022


Written by David Renwick

From day one, we’ve designed Starshipit to help retailers deliver better experiences for their customers. We want to build the world’s best shipping and fulfilment platform so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

That’s why we’re excited to publish our latest product update, now in a new quarterly format. In this update, you’ll learn about the new features and tools you can access right now, new courier services we’ve added (plus updates to our existing set) and some of the other areas of Starshipit that we’ve been working on.

As it’s the last product update of 2022, we’re also going to recap some of the biggest feature releases of the year. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what the Starshipit chefs have been whipping up.

Product: What’s new in Starshipit

This year, we’ve been hard at work on new features to optimise your checkout experience and streamline your fulfilment processes. We’ve also released some major updates to existing features (and integrations, but more on that later).

New tools to manage multiple brands (and locations)

Managing multiple brands and shipping locations? We’ve made this much easier with the expansion of our quick print and search features. You can now find orders and print them no matter what account they're in, all from one place.

Dynamically select packages and automatically apply tags

We added functionality to our rules engine to help dynamically select which package your items should be sent in to make shipping a little bit smoother. You can also now automatically apply tags to your orders.

Support for multi-fulfilment sales

We’ve updated our integrations with Shopify, Dear and Unleashed so you can import one Starshipit order per shipment that’s created in the original platform.

This is a change from how we used to manage multiple shipments, where Starshipit would create individual orders for each new sales order.


Shopify got a major facelift with the release of Shopify Enhanced. This includes the above multi-shipment update, importing tags, real time update and built-in support for incoterms.

Product illustration with tiles showing different analytics tools.

Shipping Analytics:

Get an overview of your shipping performance

Use our new analytics dashboards to improve your delivery experience with real-life shipping performance data from your business. Make data-driven decisions and learn if your couriers are meeting DIFOT (Delivered In Full, On Time) KPIs.

Advanced filtering and visuals identify the specific root causes behind shortfalls. Use these insights to have informed discussions with your couriers.

Incorporate shipping performance data into your current reporting processes and export the data into tools like Power BI or, slice and dice it any way you like using our report builder feature. Contact us to learn more about Shipping Analytics.

New UI:

Access time-saving new features

Our new UI 2.0 is the next evolution of Starshipit. We’ve built new functionality into the Starshipit platform which will make your shipping and fulfilment more efficient.

Here’s an overview of the primary new features:

  • Direct edits from the orders grid – Update packages, change carriers and more, all from the orders grid. This saves you having to jump between different screens and generally adds another layer of efficiency to your shipping operations.
  • Surfacing more data – UI 2.0 surfaces much more data at a high level. For example, you will now see shipping quotes in the orders grid, so you no longer need to open individual orders to see quotes. You will also see tax details within each order.
  • Tags – Tags are a great way to communicate instructions to fulfillment staff. Add customised labels to your orders, making it easier to identify important details about different orders. For example, you might add “high priority”, “fragile”, “pre-order” or “out of stock” tags.
Starshipit: Manage your shipping from one dashboard

Here’s what Starshipit customers have been saying about UI 2.0

"The new UI is way better; I won't be going back. There's much less clicks and everything is easier!" – Daniel at Budget Beauty
"The amount of customising you can do in our views now in 2.0 is wonderful!! Thank you for all the hard work!" – Kim from The Rainbow Syrup company
"It looks great and it feels faster and more responsive" – Dan at Ozzy Man
Branded Returns Portal

Returns portal:

Self-service your returns!

Simplify and automate your returns process with the returns portal so that your customers can self-service, track their returns and feel confident making purchases with you.

Contact us to learn more about the returns portal and how you can add it to your Starshipit account today.

Rules for checkout rates

Our new rules logic for checkout rates feature can help you optimise your checkout experience, increase repeat purchases and decrease shipping costs.

You can rules to do things like:

  • Offer couriers based on delivery address.
  • Automatically cover your shipping surcharges.
  • Provide accurate rates based on shipping from multiple locations.
Collation of different courier logos on beige background.

Couriers: New services + Updates

We’ve got a global network of leading domestic and international couriers available, with more being added all the time.

By integrating your account with any of the couriers below, you can easily manage online orders, couriers, labels, address validation, packing slips, shipping notifications, and more, all from one central platform.

New couriers for Q4 2022

Amazon Easy Ship

Amazon Easy Ship is a delivery service available for Amazon sellers. When you use Amazon Easy Ship, your orders are picked up from your pickup location by an Amazon-managed logistics service and delivered to your customers.


FedEx focuses on delivering packages by a certain time. Access leading FedEx delivery products right from within Starshipit.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the largest providers in the world, with more than 34,000 retail locations and deliveries to 150.4 million residences and 12.8 million businesses at least 6 days a week.

Other major couriers we added this year

Uber Direct

With Uber Direct, businesses can use Uber's network of drivers-partners to move goods within their supply chain.


PBT provides a comprehensive range of express courier and general freight services across New Zealand.

Direct Freight

Direct Freight provides efficient transport and logistics to businesses across Australia, focusing on a high level of customer service.


Rendr’s data-driven delivery technology seamlessly connects retailers to ANZ’s largest network of integrated on-demand carriers, allowing them to unlock a range of delivery options.

Australasia’s number one shipping and fulfilment platform

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See you next year!

And that’s it for 2022! In conclusion, we’ve added a range of exciting new features and improvements that are sure to enhance your experience. From the new user interface to the improved performance and functionality across the board, 2022 has been a big year.

Of course, our team will be hard at work in the final weeks of the year making sure everything is running smoothly for those last-minute holiday orders. Thank you for choosing Starshipit, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible shipping platform.

Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for more exciting updates in 2023!

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