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Product update: June 2024


Written by David Renwick

Hey there! đź‘‹ Welcome back to another Starshipit product update. As we head into the middle of the year, our team has been BUSY with new features and improvements to help you get the most out of Starshipit.

We’ve got many carrier updates to share with you this month, new filter options for the orders grid and a new machine-learning transit times feature.

Check out the video for a quick overview of the top new releases or read on for the full list of updates – plus a surprise!

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In this update

Watch the product update video

Get a quick overview of the top new features in the June product update.

What's new in Starshipit

Discover all the new features in Starshipit for June.

Starshipit mobile app illustration

Introducing Starshipit for mobile

Take your pick and pack on the go! For the first time ever, Starshipit is available for iOS and Android devices.

This app is designed to make your pick and pack process faster and more efficient by giving you a digital pick list directly on your mobile device. Pick your orders, scan barcodes and print directly from your phone!

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Integrate your own SMS accounts with Starshipit

We're making a change to how we provide SMS services by allowing customers to integrate their own SMS accounts with Starshipit.

This change will give you better SMS rates (around 50% cheaper) and you will gain access to built-in account top-up features like auto recharge and the same billing account across multiple SSI instances. You'll also get more visibility into your sending.

Learn how to enable this in our guide linked below.

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Filter the orders grid by single SKU orders (UI 2.0)

You can now filter the orders grid to only display orders containing a specific single SKU.

This improvement will help you easily identify and manage single SKU orders, making them quicker to process when you need to focus on a specific product, or prioritising orders only containing a single SKU for more efficient fulfilment.

How to use the single SKU filter:

  • In UI 2.0, navigate to the orders grid.
  • Click into the 'Filter orders' bar and find the 'Single SKU' section in the dropdown.
  • Click the SKU you wish to filter by and the orders grid will be updated to only display single SKU orders containing your selected SKU.
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Exclude options from filters (UI 2.0)

This feature allows you to refine your view of orders by excluding specific options, giving you more precise control over which orders you see in the grid.

Exclusion filters are great for:

  • Hiding specific tags: Easily hide orders with certain tags (e.g., 'pre-order' or 'do not ship') from your Orders Grid for a cleaner and more focused view.
  • Prioritising international shipping: Exclude domestic orders to concentrate on processing and shipping international orders first.
  • Delegating SKUs: Remove orders containing specific SKUs that are managed by another team member, streamlining your workflow.
  • Weight based exclusions: Filter out orders of a certain weight to handle lightweight shipments more efficiently.
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Pin your favourite products to the top of the carrier list (UI 2.0)

We've added the ability to favourite carrier products in UI 2.0! Favouriting a product will pin it to the top of the carrier list, making it easy to search for your most commonly used carrier products.

To favourite a product in UI 2.0:

  • Open an order and scroll down to the Carrier section.
  • Find the product you wish to favourite and click the star icon.
  • The product will now be added to your favourites! Each time you open a new order, your favourite products will display at the top of the carriers section.
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Returns now supported with plain labels

Enhance the use of your plain labels for both shipping and returns management. By providing these labels to your customers, you ensure their packages return to you safely and efficiently. Plain labels are a great option if you want to make it easier for your customers to return packages but aren't intending to pay for the returns yourself.

Not using Plain Labels? Get started with our guide.

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New rule for cost-effective shipping

We’ve introduced a new rule to help you select the most cost-effective carrier. This rule allows you to choose the cheapest option between predefined carriers and services.

Without this rule, selecting the cheapest carrier might default to standard post options, which aren't suitable in some circumstances. By specifying the carriers for comparison, you ensure that you're not only getting the best price but also meeting your delivery speed requirements.

This rule ensures you always have access to the fastest and most affordable shipping options.

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Optimising rules with item conditions

We've introduced two new rules to enhance your shipping process management based on item quantity: Total Item Quantity and Item Quantity. These rules provide you with greater flexibility and precision in managing how orders are processed.

There’s a lot to explain, so check out our post to get the full breakdown.

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Add your logo to packing slips and plain labels

Looking to jazz up your packing slips and plain labels? You can now add your own branding! We’ve added the ability to add your logo to both packing slips and plain labels.

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Machine learning transit times (UI 2.0)

You can now view estimated delivery times for couriers directly in the Starshipit dashboard.

We've harnessed the power of machine learning paired with our pool of historical delivery data to bring you estimated transit times based on where you're sending to and from!

Currently supported carriers include:

  • Australia Post
  • CouriersPlease
  • Fastways (Aramex)
  • MyPost
  • Startrack
  • TNT
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Add and edit item details using the product catalogue

You can now search for, add and edit item details within the item grid and order details page, using items you've set up in the Product Catalogue.

This enhancement simplifies the process of creating and editing orders, allowing you to quickly fill in item details by selecting them from the Product Catalogue.

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Create users with limited child account access

We've improved user access controls to help you manage your brands and locations in a way that works for you. You can now specify which child accounts a user can access, as well as whether they can access the parent account.

For instance, if you're shipping multiple brands under one parent account and the brand owner needs access to view their orders, you can grant access to only the relevant brand's child account, ensuring they see only what they need.

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What’s new: Carriers

See what's new with our carrier partners, including Fed Ex, DHL, Sendle, Post Haste and more.

Starshipit and Sendle Integration

Ship from the US and Canada with Sendle

Our Sendle integration now supports domestic shipping within the US and Canada! This expansion allows you to streamline your shipping process across more locations.

Learn more in our support guide, including how to get set up, in our support guide.

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Introducing Allied Express

We've been listening to your requests and we're happy to announce that Starshipit now has an integration with Allied Express. Starshipit's Allied Express integration allows you to ship domestic shipments within Australia.

To get set up with Allied Express follow the instructions in our support guide.

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Starshipit and FedEx Integration

Enhancing your FedEx shipping experience

Starshipit has enhanced our integration with FedEx to make your shipping process easier!

We've added support for the following:

  • Adding your order number onto FedEx labels
  • Populating your item descriptions on commercial invoices with more information for International shipments.
  • Adding a declaration statement to your FedEx commercial invoice
  • Setting a default drop off type for your FedEx shipments
  • Adding sold to address details for your FedEx International Ground shipments
  • Adding support for Signature required, Authority to leave and Adult signature.
  • Adding support to enable Event Notifications
  • Allowing users to set a duties and taxes account number for their international shipments.
  • Support for creating a return from a FedEx outbound shipment.
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Book a pickup with UPS

To further streamline your shipping workflow, we've added support for booking a pick up with UPS. Booking a courier pickup with UPS in Starshipit is easy!

  • From the Printed or Shipped tab select your UPS shipments.
  • Select 'Book Pickup'.
  • Fill in the pickup time, date and pickup details.
  • Confirm your booking by clicking 'Book Pickup’.
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Starshipit and Aramex Integration

Support for Aramex Priority Service

We've introduced support for Aramex Priority Shipping, which offers your packages a fast-track service, ensuring quicker delivery times.

Note: This is available exclusively in Australia and on the MyFastway API.

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Starshipit and Startrack Integration

Ship dangerous goods with StarTrack

Starshipit now supports dangerous goods with StarTrack. You can add and manage dangerous goods in your StarTrack courier settings, ensuring compliance with StarTrack Dangerous Goods (DG) Policy.

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Insurance cover for Team Global Express

Protect your Team Global Express shipments with insurance cover! Starshipit now supports adding insurance cover for Team Global Express (Toll IPEC and Toll Priority) shipments up to $5,000. For adding insurance cover over $5,000 please reach out to your Team Global Express account manager.

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USPS partner image

Live rates at checkout for USPS

Configure live rates at checkout so your customers can see real-time shipping rates from USPS before they complete their order.

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What’s new: Integrations, platforms and apps

Streamline your shipping with Starshipit Chrome apps

Boost your shipping efficiency and avoid jumping between screens with Starshipit's Chrome apps.

Track orders instantly with our Order Tracker and integrate powerful shipping features directly into popular platforms like Shopify with the Starshipit Sidekick.

  • Starshipit Sidekick – Gain access to Starshipit functionality like label printing from Cin7 Omni, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento2.
  • Starshipit Order Tracker – Use our order tracker Chrome extension to lookup Starshipit tracking information from any web page.
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Wrap up

And that wraps up our June 2024 product update. Keep an eye on our changelog to get notified of all new releases, and happy shipping!

David Renwick

David Renwick

David is Starshipit's Product Marketing Lead. When he's not whipping up a fresh new product update or chatting to customers for an exciting case study, you'll typically find him scoping out coffee spots and talking about what's on at the movies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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