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Product update: Q1 2023


Written by David Renwick

Welcome to the product update blog – the first of 2023.

In this edition, we'll start by exploring the updates we've made to our courier and platform integrations. Get ready, the team has been busy!

We’ll then look at our all-in-one returns solution designed to streamline and simplify your returns process like never before. And if that's not enough, prepare to get the latest scoop on UI 2.0, the next evolution of Starshipit which our team continues to work on.

So, buckle up and join us as we see what’s new in Starshipit. Let's get started!

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Product updates

Discover what's new in the Starshipit app, including support for USB scales, updates to the orders grid and improvements to help you work faster and smarter.

⚖️ Starshipit now supports USB scales

Our desktop app now supports various USB scales to declare package weights accurately and automatically with Starshipit's USB scales integration. Read the Canny post.

✏️ Order details: Print packing slip and summary

UI 2.0 now supports additional options for printing your packing slips and summaries. Read the Canny post.

📄 Document Manager: Bulk delete files

You can now bulk delete your uploaded files from the Document Manager. Read the Canny post.

🖨️ Toggle the Print button

You can now toggle the Print button on or off in the options grid in the Starshipit dashboard (UI 2.0).

Negotiate the best shipping rates directly from your couriers

Courier and platform updates

See what's new with our couriers, eCommerce platforms, warehouse management systems and more.

🚚 Australia Post

Starshipit rates now have the option to include the fuel surcharges in the quotes in Starshipit.

Read the Canny post

🖥️ Magento2

We’ve added the ability to import single orders and we now support different address configurations. You can now also add a custom user-agent to make whitelisting much easier than maintaining a list of IPs through your firewall.

Read the Canny post

🖥️ Netsuite

The Netsuite version has been upgraded to 2020.1 to ensure platform compatibility between Starshipit and NetSuite.

🖥️ Etsy

Starshipit has been upgraded to use Etsys new version 3 API to continue platform support between Etsy and Starshipit.

🚚 DHL Express

We now support sending DHL Express dangerous goods types from one Starshipit account. You can set an order to contain Dangerous Goods using rules or via the API to contain a contentID which specifies the type of dangerous goods.

We’ve also extended support for all but two types of dangerous good with DHL Express.

Read more in the support article and check out our new article on dangerous goods.

In anticipation of Malaysia introducing low value goods tax on imported items, Starshipit now supports adding a low value registration number for DHL Express shipments.

🚚 DHL eCommerce

We now display your contracted rates with DHL eCommerce. This applies to all Starshipit customers automatically. We have also updated the DHL eCommerce tracking link so that you can get more detailed tracking updates for shipments when they reach the destination country.

Read the Canny post

🚚 Sherpa

We now support SMS notifications with Sherpa, making it easier for you to keep your customers in the loop.

🚚 FedEx

You can now configure live rates at checkout with FedEx, so your customers can see real-time shipping rates before they complete their order.

🚚 Sendle

We’ve now got support for Sendle Express services, which offers same-day pickup (when booked before 12pm) and 2-day delivery. Read more about Sendle Express.

🚚 NZ Post

We now support Economy Returns with NZ Post. To get set up contact your NZ Post account manager to ensure Economy Returns is configured on your NZ Post account. Our helpful support team will then get you set up in Starshipit.


Our DPD integration now has support for specifying a receiver's PID (Personal ID) number. PID numbers are required for certain destinations (Spain, Norway etc.). Learn how to use this feature.

🚚 Couriers Please

We have upgraded our integration with Couriers Please to use Couriers Please REST API. This will allow more reliable tracking updates from Couriers Please.

🚚 Toll IPEC and Priority

Starshipit has been updated to use Toll’s newest technology for generating labels and manifesting. As well as updating our systems to be inline with the latest requirements, it also has added support for Tolls B2C services.

🚚 Toll NZ

Starshipit now supports Toll NZ! If you are interested in getting set up, please contact

🖥️ Shopify

Our Shopify integration has been updated to 2023-01 and added support for writeback using fulfilments. We have also introduced a webhook integration which enables real time importing of Shopify orders to Starshipit. Read more here.

Branded Returns Portal

New feature: Branded Returns

Returns are inevitable – but managing them doesn’t have to be a time sink. Use Branded Returns to improve your shipping customer experience and easily manage both orders and returns from one place.

Enable your customers to initiate their own returns and generate shipping labels in just a few clicks.

Here's a taste of what you can do with this new feature:

  • 🌐 Create your own customer-facing branded returns portal – and embed it directly on your website.
  • 📬 Design automated return notifications (Email and SMS).
  • 💸 Set up your account to charge for returns.
  • 🤖 Add smart logic to your returns with shipping rules.
  • 👟 Mirror and apply your current returns policy.

Don’t miss the latest features in UI 2.0

UI 2.0 is the best way to experience the new features we’re constantly adding to Starshipit, like Branded Returns, Tags and Analytics. Plus, UI 2.0 is the only way to access new UI improvements, including the ability to bulk print your orders at the same time, even if they’re assigned to multiple carriers.

Read more in the blog

And that's a wrap!

Whether you’re an experienced shipper or a newcomer to Starshipit, we hope you enjoyed seeing what’s new in this product update. We’re always trying to enhance Starshipit, and so encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us – all so we can deliver the best possible product.

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